Curating content has fast become a highly acceptable way of delivering relevant information to your readers online! For marketers using content on the internet, which is basically ALL of them, it's much more efficient to gather and share interesting reading material as oppose to creating it all the time! For those using this strategy it's wise to identify sources from where they can find relevant information for their needs!

Below are 3 inexhaustible sources for marketers using content they gather from across the internet to maintain their exposure online!

Google Alerts

This particular application allows you to submit a request to the biggest search engine found online for any topic you choose! By supplying your email address Google will then forward to you any relevant information they have or as it becomes available according to the topic you previously selected!

Google Reader

Although subscribing to rss feeds using the free reader Google offers may not be as topic specific as using Google alerts, you will NOT be disappointed! The vast majority of marketers on the internet use this reader to stay informed and even as a stimulus for new writing ideas! Obviously it can work equally well for simply gathering relevant information and utilizing it as is when curating what you publish!


Using this popular social site as a 'real time' search engine is a very effective means to uncover trending topics of relevance to your readers interest! One of the best parts about using content found on Twitter is that is typically contains personal insights and opinions which is something your readers appreciate! Being informed about anything pertaining to a personal interest is one thing, but viewing how others feel about the subject due to their experience or attitude gives the content a whole new feel! People are always interested in what others may think about any subject they have a passion in and why others may think that way!

Curating content is a very efficient and effective way to offer your readers interesting and relevant information! This strategy has become increasingly more acceptable for marketers using content to promote their business due to the time savings it offers! Of course this strategy works best if you locate credible sources for the relevant information you'll be wanting to gather! The 3 suggestions offered above are all capable of supplying the type of content that will keep your readers satisfied! From this point the rest is up to you!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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