Do you love your job? Do you wake up every morning filled with excitement and anticipation for the day ahead? Well, most people aren't and if you are someone who hates their job then you better listen up. Look at it this way: you spend one third of your life working and more than 50% of your waking life at work and traveling to and from work. If you hate your job you basically hate your life.

One of the real challenges is that we become dependent on a salary and out of fear we remain stuck in jobs we hate. Breaking free and taking a new direction is always a risk and its a risk that so few people ever take. Those who do however can peruse their dreams and live a life of fulfillment. So, how can you get out of your dead end job and make that career change that you know will make you happy? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Have a plan.

Its been said that if you don't have a plan for your life, then life has a plan for you. Its your life and you are in control - but only if you take control. Start today by making a plan for your life and where you want to go. Don;t be "realistic" either. Just dream and imagine where you want your life to be.

Find your passion.

So many people are unhappy in their jobs, they quit and then they move on to yet another dead end job. Its important that you find your passions in life. Then, pursue a career that you are passionate about - doing something that you absolutely love. Again, don't worry about the "practicalities" because not matter what you want to do you can find and make a great career out of it.

Take a leap.

No matter how much planning and preparation you do, at some point you are going to have to leave the security of your safe job. It can be very scary but you have to take that leap and trust that you will learn to fly when you need to.

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Article by John C. Burrow - Please visit John's website for more infromation and advice.