No one likes to imagine the possibility of having their
car towed. That’s why whenever you hear someone needs to call a tow truck, your mind instantly tells you that they are in trouble. No matter the reason why you are getting your car towed, you should follow a few steps to make sure that you are getting the best tow possible.

Different types of towing trucks are available for different purposes. Your car is at risk of getting damaged if the right towing truck isn’t used. A few simple tips can help you avoid extra trouble. If you are paying a company for their services, you have the right to ask for the right truck.

1. Be present when your car is being towed
One common mistake that people make is not to be there when their car is being towed. Being physically present when your car is being towed away is important. There is a chance of getting your car damaged when it is loaded onto the truck. It may also get scraped on the pavement while being loaded. Your presence will make the operators more vigilant in securing the car properly.

2.Ask the company to send a flatbed towing truck
To avoid potential scrapes, ask the towing company to send a flatbed truck. It is the best method for safely towing your car away. When your car is towed this way, it will not touch the ground. The flatbed truck raises your car above the ground so it is not dragged along. If your car gets dragged, the friction produced can cause tires to explode due to intense heat. Following are a few more benefits of flatbed towing:

Street Safety
Conventional towing techniques are also safe, but they're not as protected as flatbed towing. When your car is being towed, the vehicle is still exposed to the road and can possibly be hit by other vehicles or drop heavily into a pothole.

Saves Time
Tow truck drivers basically drive the vehicle onto the flatbed. It's that simple. On the off chance that the vehicle is stationary, the flatbed is lowered down to the street, the vehicle is hooked up to a winch and pulled onto the bed. It's a lot faster than setting up the lights, pulling the vehicle, and so forth.

3. Find the best company

It is important to look for a company that has a long history of towing cars successfully. That way you can be sure that your car is in safe hands. All you need to do is take a look online by visiting their website, and hopefully, it contains all the information you need to know. And if you still think there is more you need to know about a reputed towing company in Edmonton, get their contact details and call them up. Ask about the payment and prices to ensure there are no hidden charges.

Contact a reputable towing and recovery service near you and follow these tips for safe towing for your car.

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Johny is an automotive expert and he writes on vehicle issues, towing roadside assistances and other towing topics.