Living healthy ultimately means that you are giving your body the power to fight off viruses and disease while healing quickly from injury. In our everyday lives, we face more risks than most of us know. Heavy metals are natural elements found in the world all around us. Used in various industries since the beginning of the former century in industries from farming to energy, heavy metals are more present in our environment and bodies than ever before. Although many metals are an essential part of a strong body and mind, having too much metal in your system can lead to toxicity.

Heavy metal toxicity can lead to many serious health problems, including cardiovascular disease, dementia, and certain cancers. It is possible to clean the body of excessive heavy metals through a detoxification process. Using the proper nutrition and medications from Chelation Health Products, it’s possible to rid your body of these excess metals.

Removing heavy metals from your body can be easier than you may think. When using the proper medications that contain a substance known as Chelator, it acts as a binding agent to metals in the body and helps to naturally sweep them out of the body. This process is known as Chelation therapy. Let’s take a closer look at Chelation therapy, who needs it, and some of the benefits.

What Is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy introduces a binding chemical to the body that will grab onto excess metals in the system and help to guide them naturally out of the body. Several intravenous treatments administer the most common and safe type of Chelation therapy. The Chelation chemical called Ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA) can help to rid the body of toxic levels of copper, iron, and lead.

Who Needs Chelation Therapy?

Almost everyone has had some level of exposure to heavy metals. Toxicity levels are most common in people who smoke cigarettes or work in an industry with regular exposure to heavy metals. Some of the metals that can end up causing toxicity include:


The most common industries that include prolonged exposure to heavy metals include:

-Fossil fuel production
-Sewage management

Benefits of Chelation Therapy

Heart Health
High levels of heavy metals in the heart can lead to various severe health conditions. As the arteries become clogged with a buildup of metals, your heart must work harder to maintain proper circulation. Too many heavy metals in the heart can increase free radicals leading to heart attacks and stroke.

If you have high levels of heavy metals in your body, it can lead to painful swelling, irritation, and water retention. Chelation therapy can help to reduce these conditions giving you relief from chronic pain.

Boost Cognitive Function
Heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury can contribute to several neurological disorders. Chelation therapy may help rid your body of toxic levels of metals and reduce the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Side Effects

Chelation therapy can include some serious side effects if not administered properly. It is essential that you undergo treatment with the help of a certified medical team. Some of the side effects from Chelation therapy include:

-Intense burning sensation
-Exaggerated need to urinate
-Damage to kidneys
-Low blood calcium levels

If you are concerned that you may be suffering from heavy metal toxicity, speak to your doctor today to discuss the benefits of Chelation therapy.

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