Now that spring has sprung, summer is just around the corner. Many people have been anxiously awaiting its arrival after such a brutal winter. When you and your family begin to plan out your fun summertime activities, be sure to include these three healthy habits.

Home Maintenance

A healthy home makes a healthy family. In keeping with this sentiment, it is highly beneficial to begin teaching your children how important routine home maintenance can be to their health and safety. One of the most important home maintenance activities that should be taught is checking the water pipes and indoor plumbing. The harsh temperatures of the winter season can cause damage to your water pipes due to the expansion of the pipes caused by freezing.

Severe damages can result in the interruption or reduction of water into the home. Mild damage can be a small hairline fracture that produces a small leak which will only grow larger over time. Be sure to always call a plumbing professional to your home once a year during the spring for a thorough inspection of your water pipes and plumbing. This will ensure that your home is prepared for all of the hectic and exciting water activities your family will want to enjoy this summer.

Increased Physical Activity

Summer is the perfect time to encourage the entire family to engage in an increased amount of physical activity. With the warm weather, green grass, and nutrient-rich sunlight in abundance, physical activity can prove to be both fun and healthy. There are many health benefits to be enjoyed when a family makes a habit of playing or exercising outside on a daily basis.

While many kids are adverse to the idea of exercise, you can hide the exercise portion of their outside time by disguising it as a game. There are many different games that require bursts of energy or constant movement that will entertain your children so efficiently that they won’t even realize that they’re exercising.


This may seem like a healthy habit that doesn’t need to be taught, but you’d be surprised how often thirst and dehydration can be ignored or mistaken for other conditions. Hydration isn’t just about drinking something when you’re thirsty. It’s about drinking the correct beverage—water. Your body is mostly water, and your body’s daily functions require vast amounts of water to operate properly. Begin teaching your children the healthy habit of drinking the recommended amount of water per day to keep them healthy and hydrated.

Hydrating is especially important during the summer. When your family is playing, they’ll sweat more profusely. This will reduce the amount of water in their bodies. Remaining hydrated will replenish their water stores for optimal health.

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