Really! You don't have to have a bad day unless you choose to have a bad day. Every single day is a new beginning. A new day to live anyway you choose.

So you can choose to be happy or not. Yes, there's lots of things that can happen on a daily basis that could rob you of your joy but it doesn't have to last.

Allow yourself to be sad, angry, unset, scared, nervous, anxious, etc., whatever your feeling are but don't let them last.

Don't allow those negative feeling to have any power over your life. Feel them and then let them go.

Stop having a bad day idea number 1

Feel your feelings and don't try to hide from them or push them down inside of you.

Feel them totally and allow your whole body to experience them to the fullest. That way you'll be done with them. If you try to hide from them or run away from them they will just follow you.

You need to feel your feelings and allow them to be but don't get sucked into believing that you'll never get passed it if you allow yourself to feel them.

Idea number 2

Smile when you feel like frowning. It takes a lot less energy to smile then it does to frown. Even if you're having the worse day ever you can still find something to smile about. Notice I didn't say to be happy about.

Because I have to agree that sometimes it's hard to be happy but it's easy to smile.

Smiling makes you feel better and it makes the people you encounter feel good too. Think about yourself, do you like to see smiling faces coming at you or frowning faces?

Idea number 3

Write down one thing you're grateful for when you're having a bad day. If the mood strikes you and you feel like writing down more, by all means, do so.

But write down at least one thing your grateful for and you'll be on the right path to turning your bad day around.

We all have bad days. And we all have to learn how to best deal with them so we can turn them around quickly. I hope you found these three ideas helpful but if not, I challenge you to find ways that help you personally.

Don't allow bad days to occupy most of your days because that will lead to depression. And that's a lot harder to turn around then a bad day.

Find your point of power and use it to turn that frown upside down. :)

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