After some time of being with your boyfriend, it's natural that your sex life may get a bit monotone. But no worries girls - there is a solution for every problem, you just have to know where's the right place to look for it.

I'll give you 3 ideas to surprise your boyfriend and make your sex life more exciting - not just for one evening, but for as long as you are together ( and that could be for a long, long time, if you apply my advice ).

1. The right words at the right time can be magical. So say it right. Believe it not, men have a lot of sexual similarities to women. Our orgasm isn't just mechanical. "Good techniques" alone won't get us an earth-shattering orgasm. But if you combine them with the right words - we'll "explode" at your command, begging for more.

Ladies, learn how to talk dirty. Really, it's a skill worth having. The problem most of you face is that you don't want to end up "sounding dumb" or you believe that "only sl#ts do that." Girls, get real. This is the 21st century - and men WANT you to be a "sl#t" in bed. You have to open up sexually and relax. Be more comfortable with yourself. That's the only way you can make your sex life amazing, not just for your boyfriend, but for yourself as well.

Either way, if you aren't already talking dirty to your boyfriend - now is the time to start. How? Believe in yourself. It doesn't really matter what you say. What is more important is the way you say it. If you believe in what you say, anything you say will be hot and won't come across as awkward or "stupid."

Try it and see it for yourself. Surprise him by telling him more often how much you desire him. Tell him things you never told him before. Anything new and fresh will be a surprise for him. And those are the things that get remembered. The things that are out of the ordinary, out of the box.

2. Make a unique atmosphere. The second idea for surprising your guy is by "fixing things up a bit." Light some candles, buy some lounge music that he'll enjoy with you. If you are only having sex in the dark, then you really need to get more comfortable with yourself sexually. Don't have sex in the dark. Guys are visual and they want and need to see you. If you aren't that comfortable with yourself at the moment - start working on it. Join a gym. Confidence is key in sex.

Surprise him by doing something special. Have a bath together, spend a romantic night with him, treat him like a King and he'll fall in love with you once again. Before you meet, destroy all potential distractions. Turn off your cell phone. All the details count. The music, your scent, the lights, the bed sheets, the softness of your skin, the thongs you wear. The right atmosphere can make a big change. So play around with it.

3. Initiate things. Do what you didn't do before in bed. A great way to surprise him is by initiating things yourself. Don't wait for him to ask you for a blow job, instead - do it for your own pleasure. Initiate it yourself. Whatever you know his fantasy is, don't wait for him to ask for it, but playfully suggest it yourself. Every guy will appreciate you efforts in spicing up your sex life a bit. Your boyfriend will especially appreciate you when he sees that you are doing all that just for him and that you want to make them feel like he's in Heaven!

The general rule for spicing up your sex life is that you take initiative. Give first, and you'll get back. But don't give just so that you'll get back, instead give because you get pleasure from giving your boyfriend pleasure. That's the only way your relationship can really hit an all-time high.

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