OK let's get one thing straight here, I simply have nothing against therapy for anxiety. BUT, saying that i'll still never be able to get back the THOUSANDS of dollars I spent on anxiety therapy during my 6 year battle with anxiety disorders. But you're reading this article because you want the truth right? You also want to know if there are better alternatives to anxiety therapy that may be cheaper, and work better in helping you through your anxiety naturally (revealed in my next article) correct?


The Truth Is That Anxiety Therapy Is:


Doesn't work most of the time

leaves you in a state of coping

Let's look at the first one:

The cost.

Therapy for anxiety simply costs you an arm and a leg. At an average of $175 per hour (in Canada) the anxiety therapy business is booming. Most therapists I know are all fully booked and can't take in anymore clients. Funny thing is, most clients of the anxiety therapy friends I have are all LONG TERM CLIENTS. Which brings me to my second point which is:

It Doesn't Work Most Of The Time

You heard me right, anxiety therapy doesn't work... most of the time. Isn't that just mind blowing when you think about the amount that people spend to get therapy for anxiety? I've come to the simple conclusion that anxiety therapists also have to treat this as a business, I mean it is their livelihood right? Which brings us to the simple conclusion that MOST anxiety therapists don't want to solve your anxiety issues. Instead, they want to feed you a few crumbs here and there so that you keep coming back. How else can you explain the numbers that keep rising in the world of generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and any other form of mental health challenges?

A State Of Constant Coping With Your Anxiety

Unveiling your past over and over, constantly bringing up the traumatic events that have shaped you to become an anxious wreck, it all just leaves you stuck. The idea of eliminating your anxiety disorder all together and stopping the constant coping cycle, can only be reached when you've terminated the anxious programming you are under. This means that you simply MUST stop engaging in consistent conversations about your anxiety, panic, or whatever mental health challenges you face!

During the years of battle with my panic and anxiety there was one thing that kept me in a constant cycle of anxiety, and that was the simple idea of being too scared to fully recover from an anxiety disorder. Believe it or not, the unknown world of full recovery and getting my life back was so foreign and scary to me, that I subconsciously fought the idea. The first step to recovery from an anxiety disorder begins with understanding that becoming a fully functional person again is not only possible, but can be potentially accomplished in a short amount of time as I found out. Once this belief has been implanted in the roots of your mind, only then should you embark on tools and a proven strategy to stop your anxiety disorder naturally.

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