Parking lots are an integral part of the public infrastructure system. They are large open spaces that are used by the public for parking their vehicles safely. Since safety is one of the primary concerns associated with parking lots, authorities typically decide on all the necessary security measures in order to keep the area free from theft or burglary. Such security measures include CCTV camera monitoring, high fencing, and most importantly, proper illumination.
As per the leading commercial lighting manufacturers, improper illumination and poor lighting conditions often make the parking lots vulnerable to thefts. Thieves and criminals can make use of the improper illumination and darkness to steal the cars and rob the people. Moreover, lack of proper lighting also makes the identification of criminals difficult in CCTV footage. Thus, it is pivotal for the authorities to decide on efficient outdoor lighting solutions like commercial LED parking lot lights in order to ensure the safety of the people and vehicles at all times.
Here are some important things you should know about LED parking lot lights:
1. Best for the purpose
High intensity discharge (HID) lamps and LED luminaires are the two most popular lighting devices installed in parking lots. HIDs are gas-discharge arc lamps that generate light by transmitting current between two electrodes and ionized gas. Although they are capable of generating better illumination (with low power consumption) than their traditional counterparts like halogen lights, they still fall short by miles when compared to the revolutionary LED lighting solutions. According to lighting experts, LED luminaires are the most energy efficient, sustainable, and performance-driven lighting devices. They furnish uniform illumination throughout the area and do not wear out easily. So if you’re still using HID lights in your parking area, it’s time to switch to LED lighting solutions.
2. Better for pole installations
Commercial LED pole lights are one of the most used lights in parking lots. According to the best LED lighting manufacturers, a pole aids in better distribution of light throughout the area and allows the light to spread easily. Fortunately, LEDs produce more light than any of their counterparts. This means that using LED lights can illuminate the area properly with lesser number of pole lights. However, various important parameters like spacing between the poles and appropriate height of the poles still remain subject to evaluation.
3. Technologically advanced
LED lighting technology has undergone tremendous technological advancements. This has allowed the leading LED lighting manufacturers to make these revolutionary devices more and more efficient with time. Trends reveal that apart from deciding on LED lighting solutions, authorities are now also embracing the utilization of smart lighting controls and smart outdoor lights with their lighting systems. This not only increases energy and cost savings substantially but also improves and eases the process of monitoring and overseeing. For instance, smart outdoors lights by Wipro Lighting are equipped with alarms and alerts that can potentially make parking lots more safe and secure for the people as well as their vehicles.
Moreover, LED parking lights also allow authorities to control the colour temperature of the luminaires. This can prove to be highly beneficial in altering the overall look and feel of the parking area.

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