Online dating has become the number one way to meet someone special. Not only is it relatively easy but it really gives you options you never had before. Not only can you meet someone without the usual drama and nerves but it gives you the opportunity to cut through a lot of the nonsense that often puts us off meeting someone in the "real world".

Dating sites have evolved significantly since the early days where is was a bit unsafe and a bit unsure. These days people are screened quite well and there are a lot of measures in place to make the experience safer and more secure for all users. So, how do you choose a dating site? There are dozens and dozens of sites to choose from. Here are 3 important considerations to help you make a better and more informed decision.

1. Free versus paid sites
With a number of sites that are completely free the vast majority of dating sites are a paid service. If you do not want to pay then you might compromise on the quality of the site. Paid sites tend to be much more sophisticated with much "better" users. One of the best free sites is Plenty Of Fish and for paid sites you can take your pick...

2. Type of Site
What are you really looking for? Are you looking for relationship, are you looking for your life partner or are you just looking to date someone? There are sites that specialize in all these areas although all sites give you these options. Its just much more targeted if you join a site where everybody is looking for the same thing. eHarmony for instance is known for helping people find their life partners while Adult Friend Finder specializes in casual sexual relationships.

3. Geographic Location
You will find that most users in dating sites are based in urban areas. If you live in a more remote place then you might have trouble finding enough users to choose from. Its important that you do some research before you join a particular site and see where the biggest user base is - not so much locally but more internationally. Many sites are based in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom and if you stumble upon a site with an online search, make sure you see where the bulk of the users are from before you join. You might be disappointed to find your dream partner on the other side of the world.

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