If you are trying to decide which direction your professional life should take, it is important to consider your interests as well as career opportunities and income potential. It may seem like many people you know have decided to pursue a career path that is reliant on a college education. For example, careers in education, healthcare, engineering and others are common. Because so many people are pursuing careers that require a college education, many blue-collar jobs are becoming decreasingly popular with job seekers. However, demand for services from blue-collar workers remains high and is even growing in many cases. These are some of the leading career paths in blue-collar jobs that you may consider that do not require a college degree.

An electrician typically must have excellent training. This training is usually obtained through a technical or trade school, and some programs can be completed within a few months. In some cases, training is available through an apprenticeship. Income potential is substantial, and this is particularly true if you eventually own your own business. Before you get started, examine the cost of education, electrician supplies, required tools, licensing and other items that may be required to get started.

Appliance Repair Technician
Home appliances are certainly not going out of style any time soon, and all of these items can develop various repair issues over their lifetime. Appliance repair technicians have received extensive training in the care of all types of appliances. Income potential is significant, and job security is excellent. As appliances become increasingly sophisticated, rates in this field may increase substantially.

Just as a career as an electrician or an appliance repair technician is typically secure, a career in plumbing is equally secure. Between new installations, maintenance, and repair services, plumbers may be busy with service calls throughout the day regularly. Many also receive after-hours calls for emergency issues, and rates for these services can be high. Just as an appliance repair technician and an electrician must go through a training program, the same holds true for a plumber.

As you can see, you do not need to attend college to have a stable, successful career. Because many people are choosing the college education path, opportunities in these fields may be expanding in the near future. In addition, in each of these career options, you can choose to work for a reputable employer or to launch your own business. Now is a great time to get to know more about each of these careers.

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