The Bachelor in Management is a broad course which consists of subjects from these fields - Operation, Finance, Sales and Marketing. The BMS course is designed in such a way that students will be competent enough to perform in their respective organisations. Hence, students graduating from the best college for bms in India seek for a job in these fields.

There are numerous jobs a BMS graduate can apply for. Let’s take a look at the 3 of them that you can land through your BMS degree.

1. Business Development Officer (BDO)

If you are inclined in the area of Sales, the role of a Business Development Officer can be best suited for you. A BDO is responsible for converting business leads into sales and in turn, generating profits for the company. They are expected to keep strong relations with these clients for more business opportunities.

Some other responsibilities of BDO would be:

●Analysing portfolios of potential clients.
●Developing new business strategies.
●Negotiating a contract within the set price range of the company.
●Position the company’s image well in the competitive market.

The BDO will be in direct contact with the CEO regarding reports, potential clients and investments. The working hours of a BDO are flexible, depending on client requirement. BDO’s are also eligible for performance-related bonus besides their salary. High level of performance will lead to handsome bonuses.

2. Communications manager

The communications manager is responsible for projecting the company in a positive light to other organizations through all mediums of modern communication. Apart from that, they are also responsible for the systematic planning and execution of smooth communication systems inside the organization. This ensures uninterrupted flow of information between the employees.

3. Customer manager

The customer manager is responsible for maintaining good relations with the current customers and scout for potential customers. This scouting is done through data analysis. The data is collected through the potential client’s interaction with the company through mediums like the company’s website, social media or via Email.

The customer manager also uses the data for customer retention. This is done by learning more about the target audience. Therefore, the company can create an effective strategy that caters to their various needs and offers improved service. This helps in acquiring more customers and retain the current ones.


The salary potential of a fresher is around Rs 3-5 lakhs p.a. By accumulating experience, your salary will exponentially grow.

Apart from these, there are various other job opportunities for BMS graduates. However, if you wish to pursue further studies, a master’s would be ideal. By doing an MBA in a specialization of your choosing from one of the best MBA colleges in Pune, your earning potential increases significantly. All the best!

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