With the passage of time, granny flat constructions are becoming more of a usual affair. More and more homeowners want this extra self-contained apartment erected in a detached part of their property.

And with good reasons too. Granny Flats Are Very Useful For:

  • Lending that extra bit of accommodation to elderly members of the family.
  • For a home office.
  • As a recreational spot to get some privacy from the kids.
  • A gym or a hobby room.

And, etc.

The Chief Hallmarks Of a Granny Flat Includes:

  • A detached living space
  • A separate cooking zone and bedroom
  • Detached toilet and bathing space.
  • Proper lights and necessary appliances and furniture.

Bill Fletcher- a granny flat construction contractor in Sydney, says clearly:

Granny flat constructions require a lot of prior planning and the assistance. But with that; property owners also need to keep watch of all those common blunders which happen from time to time.”

Here’s Unveiling 3 Key Blunders!


Mistake 1: “Not Giving Importance To Key Government Regulations.”

For every state, government regulations for granny flat constructions vary. And that makes it very crucial to discuss this with the local building authority prior to beginning the project.

Generally- those crucial granny flat project regulations include:

  • Informing the neighbours about your home extension plan.
  • The exact height of the project.
  • Proper floor space ratios.
  • The environment-friendly plan.
  • A measure of the total area covered by the construction.
  • And the number of granny flat constructions in a specific area.

The best way to ensure all these key regulations are met is by consulting with a qualified and experienced granny flat builders in Sydney and its neighbouring areas.

Mistake 2: “Not Having A Proper Construction Plan.”

Not planning about the project beforehand is another key blunder on the part of homeowners. Don’t make this mistake, and instead focus on these crucial aspects:

  • The exact location of the building.
  • A design which the local authority accepts.
  • The reputation of the granny flat contractor.
  • The overall project expense and whether it fits the wallet or not.
  • Ways to maximise the building’s energy efficiency.

Mistake 3: “Not Inquiring About Insurance Policies.”

Just for the record, not all granny flat contractors have relevant insurance policies. So, when sorting out a credible agency who has constructed numerous affordable granny flats in Sydney during their tenure;

check their insurance policies.

This is important as these coverages compensate for all accidental damages and risks during the construction stage without one being held responsible.

Key Insurances To Focus On Includes:

  • Owner-builder construction insurance scheme
  • Contract work insurance to cover damages caused by fire, water, theft, vandalism, etc.
  • Home warranty insurance to compensate if any builder dies, gets bankrupt, or goes aloof during the construction stage.
  • Employer’s liability insurance to safeguard the builders from possible injuries or accidents in the course of the project.

The best foot forward for seamless construction of budget granny flats in Sydney is to discuss your project comprehensively with the chosen contractor. They will use their experience and ensure no mistakes or accidents take place.

So don’t dally. Find a trustworthy granny flat contractor and ask them to submit quotes on the project.

Author's Bio: 

The author has heaps of experience in all sorts of granny flat construction in Sydney. Plus, the author also loves to write and explains to the readers about how quality and licensed granny flat builders in Sydney play a pivotal role in the success of the project.