What is the attraction most popular blogs have that compels visitors to return time and again? What we're discussing here is not necessarily what it takes to generate traffic but rather how to get visitors to return! Of course the main component of any successful blog would have to be the content quality of the posts but there's more to developing reader loyalty than just that!

Let's quickly review the 3 main components typically found on any successful blog which of course is one that has a sizable and loyal following!


The most obvious and necessary component of any successful blog would have to be the content quality offered readers! Updates need to be informative, inspiring, thought provoking or otherwise useful and/or entertaining just to get the visitors attention. This is the starting point and as mentioned above, although critical, not always enough to develop reader loyalty! What else could you possibly offer visitors both new and returning you may ask? Remember we're talking about loyalty and this can only be developed over time, so read further to see what else needs to be added to get people to return repeatedly!


When you first generate traffic to your site people are attracted to the topic around which you based most of your updates! Remember, blogs are really highly focused social sites that cater to those interested in a particular topic. When posting it is always important that the subject you write about maintains some type of relevance to the topic you've centered your platform around! When you start to veer away from this topic the people previously attracted begin to lose interest and you as a result begin to lose readers! You MUST maintain some type of consistency relative to the theme of your platform or you will never be able to develop the loyalty you both need and want!


Now that you've addressed the content quality and topic consistency you offered visitors what else is needed to compel people to continually return? This is actually quite simple when you consider as already mentioned, that loyalty takes time! If you want and expect visitors to return and eventually become loyal readers, you must continue to create and post fresh and unique updates to your platform! Quite simply if people are to return you must give them something to return for and this will require a continual effort on your part to keep your site updated!

Most popular blogs have developed a loyal following based upon 3 common components they all share! As our discussion above has explained, it is not enough to generate traffic and expect these visitors to become instantly loyal to your platform! Loyalty is earned and this takes time but by paying attention to the content quality, topic consistency and putting forth a continual effort there's no reason you can't develop a successful blog! The challenge you face is maintaining the patience to stick with it till you've built up a sizable following!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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