I've had some pretty bad habits in my day. But thank the good Lord I was able to overcome then. I was able to change every single one of them.

Which made me a more disciplined and self-controlled person. I never knew it at the time but I used pretty much the same 3 steps to change every bad habit I had. And I want to share them with you today.

Step 1: Create a new positive habit before you quit your old one. For instance, if you want to quit smoking cigarettes then start exercising. The act of taking care of yourself in a positive way will shift your self-image from negative to positive. And a self-loving person doesn't smoke cigarettes.

Step 2: Make a non-negotiable decision to stop the bad habits that are causing you pain or discomfort in your life. You can't go about it half-heartedly. You must totally commit to the outcome that you want.

Step 3: Take 100% responsibility the success and failures in your life. If you are failing because you are indulging in bad habits, don't blame that on someone else. If you want to do things and you're not doing them, then that's your responsibility.

Changing bad habits is not easy but it can be done. And it can be done a lot quicker than you might think. I've done a lot of reading about habits and I just recently read that you can change a habit in 3 to 6 days.

I believe it. I've been able to change a habit in a day under the right circumstance. If you need to change bad enough, you eventually will. But why wait until you get to your breaking point?

Decide that you want to live a better life and get busy making it happen. Using these 3 steps as a guide for changing your bad habits will help you build momentum.

Build that momentum and you'll be half way there. The other half of the journey will be a lot easier once you take that initial step in the beginning in the right direction.

And don't look back. Don't second guess yourself. And don't allow someone else's opinion to get you off track. Keep your eyes looking straight ahead and allow the goodness to come.

Building positive habits to live your life by will impact your life in miraculous ways.

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Michelle Sears is the author of a self esteem building website that is packed full of information. Her site was created to help people just like you create a deep loving relationship with yourself. A relationship that will affect every single area of your life - in a good way. Visit her on her website at http://www.selfesteem-building.com or on her Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/selfesteembuilding