If you're serious about building a money making business online then you'll want to take the necessary measures needed to boost your marketing results! One of the best internet marketing strategies you can use to do so is to develop an email contact list comprised of people who have already visited any of your business sites!

Let's quickly review the 3 steps you'll need to take to build and manage any email contact list both efficiently and effectively!

Collect Contact Information

This begins with some type of 'attraction' that will entice visitors to leave their contact information which they view, rightfully so, as sacred and private! Having a separate squeeze page dedicated to the sole purpose of building your email contact list or perhaps a simple opt in form on any web page will both work just fine!

Regularly Connect

Planning and implementing an email campaign is not to be taken lightly! The manner and frequency of the contacts you do make with list members will have a direct impact on the marketing results you experience! You'll want to connect with people regularly but not necessarily frequently so as to not become a nuisance! Remember folks on your email contact list, if they so choose, can opt out just as easily as they opted in, so don't give them a reason to do so!

Automate Your Efforts

Auto-Responders are the absolute best way to maximize your results with the least amount of time or effort! This is one of the few internet marketing strategies where you can easily automate your efforts while still being highly effective so be sure to do so since your efforts can be focused elsewhere! Trying to maintain manage a campaign like this manually will likely take many if not all of your waking hours to do so and is therefore sheer lunacy to even try!

Developing a long lasting money making business online involves more than making products offers to newly generated traffic! For the best marketing results you'll want to develop an email contact list which if managed properly can be a great source of recurring sales! In fact due to the effectiveness and efficiencies this approach offers it is considered one of the best internet marketing strategies you can use online! The 3 simple steps reviewed above offer a simple to implement strategy you can utilize to build both an email contact list and ultimately a profitable business as well online! The measures you take in doing so can continue to pay off for you well into the future!

Author's Bio: 

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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