Brain gym tricks refer to various strategies one can engage in challenging the brain for maximum performance. It is technically refers to a unique program that is aimed at enhancing the various processes going on in the human brain. This typical program has about 26 different activities designed to help the brain function maximally.

In the recent times, there’s a great brain gym website on the internet where you can learn lots of tricks that can help you challenge your brain. This site contains lots of anecdotal reports and pilot studies that help a lot in enhancing brain activity. The founder of the website, Paul Dennison has also come up with lots of books on these kinds of tricks which unraveled various strategies one can use in enhancing brain life and activity.

In the ordinary parlance, brain gym can refer to simple movements which can be used to stimulate brain function. There are simple tricks you can easily make use of.Let’s take a look at 3 of the simplest tricks:

1. Brain Buttons
This is a brain gym trick that helps a lot in improving the flow of blood to the brain. When this is properly done, you can easily improve your concentration in reading and writing. To use brain buttons, follow these tips:
- Place one of your hands in a way you can create a space between your index finger and the thumb.
- Then place your thumb and index finger into the indentations below your collar bone and then press slowly in a pulsing manner.
- Place your other hand over your navel and gently press on for about 2 minutes.

2. Cross Crawl
This kind of trick helps a lot in coordinating your right and left brain well. This is usually achieved by exercising the information flow between the right and left brain. This brain gym trick is very vital for writing, listening, reading and spelling. To practice this trick, follow these steps:

- Sit down or Stand up
- Place your right hand across your body to the left knee and then raise it up. Do same to the left hand as you place it on your right knee and it has to be as if you’re marching.
- You can do the above either sitting or standing for about 2 minutes.

3. Hook Ups
This trick is very useful for the nerves especially when you have a test to take or a speech to make in an event. You can always use the trick to quench tension or nervousness before any event. To engage in this trick, follow these steps:

- Sit down or Stand up
- Cross your right leg across your left leg at the ankles.
- your right wrist should be on top
- Bend your elbows and then turn your fingers in gently towards your body until they come to rest on the breast bone (sternum) at the center of your chest.
- Keep your ankles and your wrists crossed. Then breathe out gently and evenly as you stay in that position for some minutes.

With the above brain gym tricks, you can always enhance your mental agility any time your desire.

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