Water, or chemically speaking H2O, is the main ingredient of our bodies. Over 60% of our bodies are made out of water, over 90% of our blood is made out of water and every living cell inside our bodies needs water for proper functioning.

We can survive about 3 weeks without food, if we’re not yogis like Mahatma Gandhi, but only 8-10 days without water. I’ll not be mentioning that we can last only few seconds without air.
But less water we drink, more we need it.

Here are 3 main reasons why we should drink more water everyday:

  • 1. Drinking more water helps to flush the toxins off the body and speed up the metabolism. Proper hydration can prevent kidney stones and build up waste material in the gall bladder and in the same time helps to lose weight. In the large intestines, water combines with fiber and helps with the elimination of the waste, which prevents constipation. Also, the more we drink water, the less food we eat, as water helps us to feel more full. Women are advised to drink about 2l per day, when men about 3l per day. Please use a calculator calculator to check your needs
  • 2. Water can help your skin to look better and younger. Better hydration of body cells with better detoxification of kidneys and other digestive system organs, will shortly show on your prettier and more glowing skin. Especially if we train in indoor gyms, we tend to sweat more. And obviously, more water we sweat out, more we need to replace it. In additions, proper hydration keeps our joints more lubricated and flexible.
  • 3. Few glasses of water will help you fight hangover and fatigue. Also, when you’re out-and-about for few drinks with friends, try to alternate alcoholic drinks with water and your body will thank you in the morning. This is because “diluting” alcohol helps it to be better digested and flushed away. Proper hydration during the day prevents headaches. Fatigue also tends to disappear with proper hydration

But there is a “thing” that we need to watch out for, especially in today’s world when our environment is not as clean as we’d like it to see. I’m talking about fluoride. Most of the people associate it with tooth decay prevention ingredient in our toothpastes. Not many know that water companies add it to the water containers to prevent bacteria and molding. Fluoride added to our drinking water can make more harm than we think. Watch out for the fluoride level in your tap water, as researchers say it’s dangerous for humans to consume more than 4mg/l per day. It is important to have a good water filter installed on our taps and to drink high quality bottled water.

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I've been doing lots of research about how to stay hydrated for the maximum health benefits and I've written few articles about it too.

Also, I've researched the best quality of water, water filters and purification systems.

If you want to get tips on how to incorporate more water within your everyday life and get tips on how to de-chlorinate your water, please read my article on how to drink water to live longer.