Since writing creatively is something all bloggers do quite often, engaging in any mind stimulating activities is always helpful! The fact is that your blogging is very dependent upon your ability to keep thing fresh for your blog readers! Without interesting content your chances to attract and retain visitors to your platform drastically diminish! So how do you keep your blogging fresh and interesting when you spent a good majority of your time laboring away in front of the same uninspiring keyboard?

Here are 3 simple tips to help any blogger maintain their own inspiration allowing them to more easily create the interesting content people want to see!


Interacting with people on a face to face basis allows you to keep your 'people skills' sharp and to collect fresh new ideas! As anybody who works online will tell you, it is very easy to have half the day pass without you making physical contact with anybody! Socializing is invigorating and is good for the mind and spirits as well as how it can actually improve your blogging by exposing you to new ideas! It only stands to reason if you're trying to develop interesting content people will like, go forth and found out what's on their mind!

Alter Your Work Environment

This can easily be done by simply relocating your work space or even reorganizing your existing one! The change in surroundings will contribute towards you developing fresh new perspectives that will help you create the interesting content your blog readers want and need! The environment you work in is more important than you may realize in terms of helping to boost your creativity! Without change your mind lacks stimulation and therefore the results from your efforts will tend to be listless and boring!

Read Don't Write

Allow yourself the luxury of scanning the internet for any information from which you can learn something new! Whether you conduct searches for specific reading material or even visit other sites to view their updates or participate in ongoing discussions become more of a participant! What you'll accomplish by doing so will be to absorb new ideas others have posted along with expanding your knowledge base! Typically when we do research like this we only allow ourselves so much time to find what we can use so that we can get back to writing! This makes it very difficult to absorb anything new since our focus is narrowed and our time is being 'voluntarily' restricted! Free lancing like this can help relieve the pressure to write and with the new information you find, your blogging will benefit as a result!

Mind stimulating exercises and/or activities is something every blogger can benefit from for the purpose of creating interesting content! The only reason blog readers even land on your site is to view what you have to offer in terms of any new updates! Of course trying to maintain any creatives juices for the sake of your blogging is difficult to do and especially in an environment that does NOT inspire you! The 3 suggestions offered above are ways for anyone who blogs to avoid the 'stagnation' that tends to set in when 'confined' to the same and even boring environment! So relieve your boredom and improve your blogging by simply breaking your routine and tapping into the ideas of others!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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