What does it take to win customers online?
What does it take to establish your brand online?
What does it take to achieve a loyal base of customers?

The answer is: An Enriched Ecommerce Experience

With the advent of smartphones and 5G data, online shopping has become simpler and faster. People prefer to open a website and shop conveniently rather than visiting a physical store. It is, thus, the responsibility of retailers to give enhanced user experience to keep customers satisfied.

Here are three best features derived from the most successful websites to understand what retailers must include imparting ultimate UX.

1.Customer-centric Website Features:

A website is the first touchpoint that gives customers an idea about your brand. The successful ecommerce website solutions have one thing in common. They make the user experience smooth and unforgettable so that they can find what they are looking for. At the outset, it is essential to remember that the website must be designed while keeping in mind the users’ needs and approach and not how business thinks it should be. The first and fundamental feature on your website must be a search feature that allows visitors and customers to directly find what they need instead of checking the entire catalog.

It has been experienced that the cart abandonment rate is very high for many ecommerce websites, which means that visitors leave the site without completing the checkout process. There are many reasons responsible for this, and you can ensure that your website is free from such issues. For example, not revealing the shipping cost and taxation till the end, inadequate payment mechanisms, lengthy checkout process are some of the challenges that are faced by customers. It is essential to create a single page checkout process on your website for the convenience of customers.

Next, this is the era of omnichannel shopping, and for the best UX, it is necessary to maintain a consistent image of the brand across all the channels, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. The look and feel of the website must remain the same and deliver a similar level of convenience to the customers. The bottom line is to optimize the ecommerce website solution for both mobile and desktop. Additionally, more and more websites are using videos these days to engage their customers. It is a significant step towards enhanced user experience. However, mobile video optimization is again an important parameter responsible for remarkable user experience.

2.Streamlined Product Catalogs:

For a maximum of the ecommerce website solutions, the primary aim is to showcase their products and services along with relevant information to help customers in the decision making process. Thus, it is essential to focus on the theme that has been used to display the products and catalogs. It is interesting to note that 2020 will see minimalism at its fullest. More and more ecommerce websites are following a minimalistic theme that keeps page uncluttered and straightforward while simplistically giving pertinent information.

Next, to help your customers as they explore your website, you can use the feature like a hover that displays the complete information of the product when the cursor hovers on the product. Adding customer reviews is also an excellent strategy to inspire a customer to purchase with you. Let your visitors know what real-time users are saying about your products, services, and brand. It is needless to say that embedding social networking platforms with your website is inevitable in 2020. Your website must allow customers to share their favorite products with their friends on social networking websites.

3.Robust Conversion Strategies:

Lastly, all successful websites adopt a well-crafted and executed promotional approach to increase sales conversions.

  • Call to action: CTA refers to the activities that inspire your customers to buy. For example, discount coupons, offers, special day deals, and time-only deals should be displayed and are easily accessible for users to use them so that they are motivated to make a purchase.
  • Retargeting: Be careful when you create your ecommerce retargeting strategy. Retargeting refers to the process of showing ads to your visitors on third-party websites when they have left your site. The ads are generally related to the product they searched for. This also generates the opportunity of upselling and cross-selling. For example, if a visitor checked an office dress, through retargeting, you can show the ads related to formal shoes also.
  • Exit Offers: Exit offer is again a conversion strategy that tries to convert the customers when they are about to leave the website by giving them discount coupons, free shipping, or gift offer. It would help if you diligently designed this strategy so that shoppers are prompt to shop more with your brand.

Successful and well-renowned websites are investing efforts and resources to deliver an exceptional experience to their customers when they come to their online store.

If you are thinking of creating a rich experience for your visitors, 2020 is the right time to invest in competitive ecommerce website solutions!

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