Software testing is a dynamic field and one of the best career options for the engineering and computer programming students. However, to make a progressive career as a software testing expert in one of the best QA companies, you need to cultivate certain technical and nontechnical skills. You can master these skills by working in one of the best software testing companies or you can opt for professional software testing courses and workshops conducted by the QA experts. In this article, I will share the top 3 must have skills in a software testing engineer:

1. Technical Skills

If you are a novice, then you must have a computer programming background to get into this field. The software testing engineers should have command over SQL and various databases such as MYSQL, Oracle, etc. You will not need to create tables in the database, but you will need to run various queries to verify certain operations, relations and database structures. You will also need to have knowledge of theinternet and related applications so you can help yourself during challenging test cases to find answers and solutions. Linux commands are also needed to test certain applications. Down the line when you cross your novice and training phase, you will need to master a lot of new technologies and trends that usually change at a fast pace. Also, you will need to master various automation and other testing tools and devices usage to run various tests efficaciously.

2. Soft skills

The soft skills are important in any career, but it becomes crucial in life of testers. You as a software testing engineer will need to master sharp analytical skills and passion at another level to keep you going in this world of bugs and defects. Also, you have to have great communication and interpersonal skills so you can communicate your ideas and thoughts without offending anyone. You will be doing a tough job of telling someone that they made mistakes and you have to be polite and straight to the point. This job also demands reasoning skills because you have to give justifications on your suggestions and its usefulness. Thus, learning and mastering great written and verbal soft skills are crucial to get success in this career.

3. Patience

Patience is the skill that will let you get going and get yourself a strong position in one of the best software testing companies. You will face situations like overwhelmingly changing trends and trying to learn new stuff. You need to have a lot of patience while listening to clients, managers, developers and other people that might be contesting your reported bugs. You have to make sure you don’t get into any kind of dispute and keep your points without any biases. Apart from these, you will need to write and review long documentation and this will demand your patience again.

These are the top 3 skills you need to develop your career as a QA testing expert in one of the best QA companies.

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