The term CRM was originally coined in the high-end business market. The concept is simple and defined in all marketing books. Technological tools may be new, but the fundamental idea of a CRM application has been maintained throughout the centuries. They will make the experience as pleasant as possible, and they will keep coming back." Managing this customer experience across all touchpoints is the primary function of a NetSuite CRMsystem.

The fundamentals of adopting a CRM system are independent of the size of the company. Before selecting any CRM or even deciding if a CRM is right for your business, take an in-depth look at the company. Take an inside-out approach, reality check where your business is, where you want to take it, and how you want to get there. During this analysis, consider your industry, competition, customer segments, and the economic environment when formulating a strategy. What you might discover is that your image of yourself is very different from how your potential customers perceive you.


 A deep understanding of your corporate strategy will dictate your marketing strategy going forward. Or is it to increase repeat business? Once you've carefully considered all of your strategic alternatives and decided which one to take, develop the individual tactical steps, milestones, and measures on how to achieve the overall goal. The features that you will need from a CRM system will naturally come out of this rigorous process and surface. These are the functional characteristics that form the basis of the selection criteria when selecting which CRM vendor to choose.

Adoption of CRM

The relevance of doing this analysis is to make the process of selection and adoption of CRM software as smooth as possible. Think of it as something similar to building a house. The more accurate the description you provide to the architect of how you would like your home to look, the better the final product will be. Although you may not know all the descriptive features beforehand, and the accessories could change during the process, the foundation remains the same. The quality of the input that you can provide in advance will affect the final product you will receive in the end. This is the same process in software adoption. When you engage with a software vendor, it will reveal to you what you know and need, and then an experienced vendor will investigate through a structured discovery process as much information below the surface. 

Bullet software

No software will ever be the only bullet. There is no any CRM that will make your sales sell more if they are wrong people, nothing will make your support reps proactive if there are no incentives to drive them, it is impossible to eliminate customer if your product or processes they are fundamentally flawed in the first place of NetSuite. All of this change has to come from within and come from your overall strategic objective. More to do with human issues. Allowing key stakeholders and end-users to participate in the planning and selection process that will help avoid this dangerous fate. The more stakeholders are involved in defining and refining requirements. It's key to remember that a CRM if selected for the right reasons, will provide a fabric of support and help facilitate tactics to achieve your overall strategic goals.

NetSuite and SuiteCommerce Apps:

There are some new initiatives by SuiteMarkets which is a 3rd party app platform that allows you to purchase SuiteCommerce and NetSuite ERP apps/features. It’s a great way to find existing solutions for NetSuite ERP or SuiteCommerce. It’s something to keep in mind as the platform continues to grow and more features get listed. Since it is free to list solutions, there are more smaller applications being listed such as order tracking, blogs, custom themes, customer center add-ons, in addition to software companies. SuiteApp is another area to find pre built solutions and is run by NetSuite, however, it tends to be geared towards integrations with other software companies rather than a place to purchase bundles, scripts, themes, and extensions. If you want to learn more about the Oracle NetSuite ecommerce platform, check out this article about SuiteCommerce. Some companies like this health insurance company preferred to start with NetSuite ERP and add SuiteCommerce 6 months later. This is a good way to progress into ecommerce if you currently don’t have an online presence. If you are checking out all types of ecommerce platforms and want to see how SuiteCommerce compares to Shopify, take a look at this article that helps break down the difference. No matter what platform you decide to implement, make sure you have an expert team by your side helping build the ideal ecommerce experience.

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