There must be a reason why some beginners could easily stop the over the top golf swing problem immediately. The fact is that many beginners seems to experience this problem most of the time. This is one of the biggest flaws in golf and it is in fact the major problem in golf arena. However, by having said that, over the top golf swing problem can be solve easily if you simply follow the right system accordingly.

The most important question that you should ask yourself first; what is over the top golf swing problem and what can it actually do to your swing? It usually happen when your swing is to be off the centre from the ball. It is basically a premature movement of the upper body in the downswing where your upper body will always move ahead than your lower body which resulting the over the top golf problem to happen. This problem is very difficult to detect and you will not know how to stop this problem to happen if you continue to undertake the wrong golf swing approach.

Have you ever been into a situation where you have address yourself in the perfect golf swing position and the moment you raise your golf driver or clubs to the backswing, you are experiencing the imbalance position on your body, your legs, and your waist? If you're in this position before performing the downswing, you will definitely create the over the top golf swing problem all the time. The position from the backswing to the downswing must be corrected first in order to get the perfect straight and farther shot. If you don't detect and tackle this problem you will only continue to repeat the same over the top problem every single time you hit the ball. You may get the lucky to hit a straight shot but without knowing the right proper way to stop this problem, it will only lead you to repeat the same problem unconsciously during the game. And this problem will repeat every time you play the golf game. This problem is very embarrassing, annoying and frustrating as when it happens. This is the main reason for increasing your score card and it will make difficult for you to achieve lower handicap if you don't have this problem fixed.

Many beginners will usually experience this problem most of the time and it is hard for them to overcome this problem without a proper guidance. However, there are some basic guide to stop over the top golf swing problem immediately:

1. Proper Grip: It is important for you to understand the proper way to get the proper golf grip during holding the driver or the club. Make sure you don't grip too tight as this will only make your muscle tensed up which will distract your golf swing momentum movement.

2. Keep your head at the same level at all time. Many golfers never maintain their head level as when they reached the backswing. By moving the head upright is always been the case. Moving the head upright during the backswing will shift the driver or club aiming slightly above the ball and to finally hit the top of the ball which will create the over the top problem.

3. Swing your body to follow through after hitting the ball. Move your body toward the target after you hit the ball. Follow through and make sure you rotate your hip all the way to the maximum stretch.

Practically, it is hard for you to practice this if you're not accustomed to it, which mean that you should try to practice one thing at the time in order to achieve the perfect golf swing every time. Luckily many other new golfers which has stumbled upon a proper guidance to help them to overcome this problem easily and to stop this problem in just 2 short weeks! If you understand the right proper way to eliminate this problem completely, you will able to achieve lower handicap and achieve perfect golf game every time consistently without fail. The key here is that once you know the proper technique, you will always remember it and you will never will repeat the problem ever again.

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