If you are a woman and have passed the age of 50, you will probably find that you store fats at your belly area much more easily than in the past. This is because of several changes that happen in your body. The decrease in production of estrogen, the female hormone, is one of the biggest reasons. Decreased production of these hormones causes your metabolic rate to slow down and increases your chances of storing fat in your abdominal region.

Thankfully, there are several dietary nutrients you can be incorporating into your diet to help you successfully lose belly fat.

The first such dietary nutrient will be omega 3. This is a fatty acid which your body cannot produce, but needs. Omega 3 will also help you improve heart health and ease joint pain. Omega 3 will help to balance your blood sugar levels, preventing your metabolic rate from slowing down.

Next up will be Irvingia Gabonensis. Research has shown that people taking this ingredient lost an average of over 6 inches off their waistline! What this ingredient does is that it makes your body more receptive to the fat burning hormone known as leptin.

This leptin is an important hormone which controls many aspects of your fitness and health. Its main objective is to protect your body from starvation. When you starve yourself, your body greatly reduces the production of leptin. This actually causes your metabolic rate to slow down; which is in turn bad for your fat loss goals.

This also means that any nutrient or food which stimulates the production of leptin within your body will help you burn more fats eventually.

Green tea is an awesome drink which is known to rise resting metabolic rates. It has also been shown to work as an appetite suppressant.

Gaining excess belly fat is a common and irritating problem which usually comes with aging. Other than looking fat and undesirable, belly fat also provides you with additional health problems. Belly fat also releases more fatty acids into your bloodstream; and this is the reason why more women experience high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure as they age.

Adding the above-mentioned nutrients to your daily diet can help you get rid of your belly fat as well as improve your general health. Also, you should understand that you have to take the above nutrients in the right proportion; otherwise your results will not be very effective either!

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