Having a keyword list is an essential component of any internet business marketing strategy but there's more to it than compiling a bunch of words and phrases! Keywords are important in terms of helping you or your business get found online but in order to get more traffic there are 3 objectives this list must first meet!


To make the best use of keywords in your business marketing strategy your selection of words and phrases MUST reflect a relevance to what you do! It is this relevance that helps you get more traffic that is highly targeted and therefore most effective for your needs! Remember, if your choices in terms of words or phrases are not relevant, search engines will disregard your content and you will NOT appear in any search results! How else do you intend to be discovered on the world wide web otherwise?


Relevance is very important when compiling a keyword list but of equal importance is the 'demand' reflected in the search results for your choices! What good are words or phrases that nobody is searching for on the internet? Remember your intent with this strategy is to get found online but if nobody is looking for the choices you've made how do you expect to do so? The keywords you use MUST have good search results if you expect them to generate traffic for your site!

Proper Use

How you utilize keywords in your content is the last step in making this particular business marketing strategy work best for you! Proper utilization begins with selecting your primary keyword and/or phrase, based upon relevance, and using this in your title and also in the opening and closing paragraphs! Secondary keywords being those that still have relevance to the content they're found in, should be 'sprinkled' throughout the first and last paragraphs as well as the body of the text! Always remember to NOT be too liberal in your use and to only place words where that make the most sense!

Your keyword list is an important part of your internet business marketing strategy and is a great way to get more traffic to your site! However if your list is not compiled or used correctly, as our discussion above focuses on, you will NOT get found online which, of course, is the main intent of this strategy! Optimizing any content you use properly starts with your list having relevance to what you do and than correctly placing your words or phrases to get the maximum results! Done correctly most entrepreneurs will find that this particular business marketing strategy is a required MUST in their efforts to get more traffic to their site!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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