People trying to lose belly fat or lose weight in general are usually faced with 3 major problems. You will need to fully understand these and clear them out before you start weight loss program as they can be counter productive to any program. At the end of this article you would have found out how to burn belly fat 35% faster

1. You may not be eating right. Big tummy are not only caused by excess fat. It is wrong to think that all that is making your stomach bulge is fat while in actual sense your belly may be filled with toxic chemicals that come from eating the wrong foods. These chemicals cause you to increase your fat storing hormones so your body tend to store more fat in the belly region. Most of these chemicals are from the processed foods that manufacturers would like you to think are healthy foods. These foods are prepared in way that will make us crave for more and more thereby make us addictive to them.

2. You may be eating so much foods and yet not getting the right nutrients. To be able to function properly, the human body needs certain nutrients. Therefore, if you did not get these nutrients it will cause the brain to keep asking your stomach for them thus making you to eat more and more. In no time this becomes a vicious cycle and before you know it you will start adding weight or in our case you will not be able to lose the weight or lose belly fat you targeted.

3. An issue with your metabolism: Your metabolism can be messed up by bad eating habits and extreme calorie deficient diets and should be avoided at all cost. Eating the wrong foods reduces the ability of your body to burn calories effectively so your body tends to hang on to all the fat it has. Extreme dieting has the same effects as your body goes into starvation mode thus hanging on to all the fat it is able to. Usually these kind of diets are not sustainable on the long run, so when you go back to normal eating, you actually add more fat than you originally had

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