So who’s come into work bleary-eyed from the late-night Olympics?

Here’s what I’m discovering from these athletes that is creating some gold for my businesses…and can for yours, also.

Ignore Conventional Wisdom and Limits
After he didn’t win gold in his first race, the pundits spun Michael Phelps as not ready for London. They placed limits on what he would accomplish based on one event. He now is the most decorated Olympian ever with 22 medals.

The world had yet to experience an African-American woman gold medalist in gymnastics. Most experts thought this year would perpetuate the pattern. Someone forgot to tell Gabby Douglas.

Fifteen-year-old Katie Ladecky swam incredibly fast in the first several laps of the 800m free. The announcer repeatedly said she went out too fast and would fade. She won the gold, breaking the world record.

Phelps, Douglas, and Ladecky positively succeed in large part because they ignore conventional wisdom and limits. They avoid listening to others who are wrong 95% of the time.

Who defines your business reality? The 24/7 negative news noise-makers? Or, you?

It’s your business how you do business. Ignore the so-called experts. You decide what’s wise for your business and how far you’ll take it.

Relax and Do Your Best
Have you ever seen so many huge smiles as when the U.S. women’s 4x100 relay swim team won gold? They were ecstatic and having the time of their lives!

Their happiness was about more than getting to hold the gold. One of them said in the post-event interview, “I’ve never been so relaxed before a race. We were all laughing and having the best time.”

They relaxed so they could do their best.

How do you relax at work? Having a Work Positive dream team helps you relax because you trust your team members to bring their A-game daily. You focus on positively succeeding. You smile and joke when appropriate.

It’s your business how you do business. Relax and do your best.

Enjoy the Ride!
Heptathlons are for crazy people. Great Britain loves theirs, gold medalist Jessica Ennis.

The last event was an 800m run. Kate and William and the rest of the UK cheered Ennis on, literally propelling her around the track to finish first.

You can enjoy the ride of a Work Positive lifestyle even in this economy. Your commute to success is more than a solo trip. You have a crowd of friends and family cheering you on.

It’s your business how you do business. Choose to enjoy the ride with these 3 Olympic ways to positively succeed in this economy.

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