How to achieve mental health is the a pursued by millions. Mental Health is a very important part of human life, and plays a crucial role to the development of human beings. We always pursue a lot of things during our daily life which affects our mental health. This article focuses on top three threats to mental health in our daily life.


Anxiety is a normal body reaction to stressful situations or to a threat that the mind perceives.
However anxiety seems to have replaced fear as we became more civilized. Anxiety is usually caused by a perceived harmful situation which usually does not materialize.
There can be many perceived situations that can trigger anxiety in our daily life and these can cause more or less continuous physical and mental stress leading to emotional, mental and physical health problems. Here are few common effects of anxiety on the physical, mental and emotional health of a person:

• Tension in the muscles may result to headaches and overall discomfort.
• An elevated blood pressure can make you uneasy and dizzy, sometimes nauseous.

To prevent anxiety, you can use the self- help techniques like scheduling a "worry time" every day, meditation and breathing techniques. However if nothing works, you should seek professional help.


We can’t talk about threats to mental health in this new age of technology without mentioning scams and internet threats. If you think that bullying only involves physical shoving, hitting or turning someone into a social outcast, think again. There is another kind of bullying that not-so-tech-savvy individuals should be aware of, and it is none other than cyberbullying.One of the worst cyberbullying can occur in form of scam and internet frauds and social media bullying. Individuals who have been shamed on social media could consider themselves useless and undeserving of any love, respect or attention, all of which could affect their mental health and daily activities. Common solutions throughout the described behaviors include:

• The use of anonymous web surfing.
• Never click a URL in an email that looks the least bit suspicious.
• Never give away your personal information to a website that looks suspicious.


When we are under stress, our mental health suffers. It might not seem that way, but over time, it can happen. Imagine your mind constantly bombarded with pressures at work, at home, on the way back and forth between the two. Your mind races. You cannot focus. Your work suffers. You become agitated easily. You snap at your family, at co-workers, at the car next to you in the driveway. This seems to create just a little more stress until you feel like you are about to blow.

These entire problems may cause depression. Depression affects the way you think and feel about yourself. It also affects your sleeping and eating habits. To prevent this, you must put your stressors into perspective. Otherwise, you will continue to see stress and mental health issues in your life and they will only worsen over time.On severe occasions visit health professionals.

I hope these thoughts about threats to mental health help us build a higher level of understanding if you are currently trying to overcome your own mental health issues. Your mental state also affects your physical health. If you are mentally healthy, you would be healthier both inside and out.It is also vital for all communities to address the use and abuse of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to limit internet and scam threats.

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