Certain things are pretty standard when it comes to weightloss, but there are some things men should know before embarking on their own weightloss journey. Luckily the internet is riddled with tips and tricks to get you your summer beach body.

1. You’re going to plateau
This is usually the first fork in the road on the journey to living a healthier life. Many weight loss programs for men are highly effective but neglect to inform them of the plateau and how to move forward from it. The plateau in your weight loss is when, while following a healthy weight loss plan to the letter, your weight loss eventually slows down or even halts completely for a while.

Do not despair, this is not the time to give up because chances are you’ve lost a significant amount of weight prior to the plateau. The first step to battling this is checking your portion control.Being meticulous can make the difference, so keep a food journal to make this easier. Make sure you do not overindulge post-workout when you are most hungry and be sure to give your cool-down in the gym the time it deserves. Your weight loss should continue when you fine-tune all the elements of your workout and weight loss eating plan.

2. Belly fat is dangerous
Women carry weight more evenly, or at least differently, than men. Where women carry weight in their hips, thighs and buttocks as well as their stomachs men tend to gain weight around their midsection. A large amount of belly fat increases your risk of developing:

• Cardiovascular disease
• Insulin resistance
• Type 2 diabetes
• Sleep apnoea
•High blood pressure

Luckily, weight loss programs for men are available with doctors to show you the best way to gain a healthy lifestyle and lose any dangerous belly fat.

3. Plan ahead
Planning is half of the work. If you plan your meals and workouts effectively there is no reason you will not lose weight. If you have a plan and stick to it you’ll see the effects of a healthy weight loss plan almost instantly because men tend to lose weight faster after starting a weight loss regime.

When you join Slender Wonder’s weight loss programs for men you will see results and have meal options that are easy to plan for or buy already made like soups and shakes. Start your weight loss eating plan today by finding a doctor in your area to set you on the road to becoming a healthier and fitter man in 2018.

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