Just because the U.S. government can afford a shutdown doesn't mean you can. You have a family to provide for, bills to pay, and hopefully a retirement to fund.

So despite all the news about the federal shutdown, what can you do to succeed in a shutdown?

Check out these 3 Positive Ways to Succeed in a Shutdown that you can begin doing today:

Attention is your most precious resource. Its strategic investment is more important when the negative attempts to shutdown business.

Focus your attention in two areas as you work:

Positive Thoughts
Limit your exposure to negative news about the shutdown. Keep your head out of the sand and yet avoid the quicksand.

Feed your mind generous helpings of positive thoughts especially in the morning before your work day begins. This breakfast of brain champions turbocharges your mental metabolism and prepares you to succeed.

Positive People
Set up a border guard around your relationships. Focus your attention only on positive people who attract your attention in profitable ways. Remove yourself from conversations that quickly spiral downward into black holes about the shutdown.

The one thing you can control in the anxiety and confusion rampant in a shutdown is your attitude.

Does your attitude suck? Are you in the shutdown’s black hole?

Adjust it. Now.

Do so immediately by finding one thing you are grateful for—your good health, a loving family, you avoided being run over by a concrete truck today; something, anything will do.

Pour your attitude into that gratitude and enjoy the success as your adjustment prepares you for the next step.
Achievement in the midst of a negative economy requires action. Dramatic, large, persistent action that exerts leverage on the strengths of your business to attract customers.

What problems do you best solve for your customers? Your answer lies at the intersection of your unique contribution and their perceived needs.

Take action and leverage your solution in big ways. Increase your marketing and advertising to say something like, “While the federal government shuts you down, we pick you up by (insert your solution).”

How does your solution ease anxiety and erase confusion? We buy emotionally and then justify it rationally. Take action and invite customers to enjoy the benefits of peace of mind and ease of use that come from doing business with you.

Strategic action like this brings achievement as it positively mobilizes your attention and attitude so you increase sales with greater productivity and get you out of the office earlier as you Work Positive in a Negative World.

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What do you do when can’t afford a shutdown like the government? Here are 3 Positive Ways to Succeed in a Shutdown from Dr. Joey Faucette, the leading Positive Success coach, #1 best-selling author, & speaker.