Prosperity. Isn’t that a topic on every woman’s mind!? How do I become more prosperous? What will increase my financial flow? How can I prosper in my life doing something I love?

This last question is absolutely essential for women! How can I prosper with purpose? Women are not interested in old models of wealth - doing something that you really don’t like just to make some money. No, women are at the forefront of a new experience, model and paradigm - prospering while doing something that they are good at and enjoy. In fact, women are the generators of one of the fastest growing sectors in our economy which is businesses based in passion.

However, as exciting as this trend is, there is an equally dismaying statistic of more and more women not succeeding in their new business ventures. While there are undoubtedly specific circumstances in each case, there is a larger collective challenge facing most women in their prosperity. Before there is money, there is mindset and your mindset of prosperity is what actually determines your money.

Whether you believe in the power of positive thinking, the law of attraction or the golden rule, all of these different theologies speak to the power of mindset - the intangible creating the tangible. The intangible being our state of mind or state of being and the tangible being the physical expression or what we experience in the real world. One of the things I love so much about working with women, is that we get the intangible. We recognize and understand the power of our mind, our emotions, our energy and our essence.

So we don’t just believe in earning money, we believe in prosperity. If you look up the definition of prosperity, you’ll find that is says “a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects”. I absolutely love that definition, because it reminds us that prosperity is so much greater than just the number of zeros in your bank account. It’s not a static state, it’s a thriving condition - a state of mind and a state of being which then brings zeros to the bank account.

This condition is very different than just having money. Imagine for a moment that as the years go by and your income increases, so does your anxiety and fear about losing it. The more you make, the more stressed out you are that it could be taken away or that you won’t be able to keep making more. Are you experiencing prosperity? I think most of us would say no! You are not experiencing prosperity, you’re experiencing money. Money is a tangible thing that has a natural cycle of ebbs and flows, but prosperity is a state of being. It’s a condition that allows money to give you freedom and choices.

So whether you’re wondering if your money mindset is helping or hindering you or you just want to feel and experience more prosperity, let’s dive into three power practices for increased prosperity with purpose. These are things that you can begin to do today which will put you in a prosperous mindset and actually allow the money to flow.

1. Acknowledge Abundance

The most effective contraindication to a state of fear is to acknowledge abundance. This is actually counter-intuitive for most women because when we experience a shortage of cash, lose a job or have unexpected expenses, the most common, immediate reaction is to move into a state of fear. When we do so, we contract physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and then experience the corresponding effects such as headaches, anxiety, overwhelm and doubt. Of course this just reinforces our negative experience and we get more of it.

Your power practices for acknowledging abundance are to:
Observe the million blades of grass or grains of sand or something that is abundant
Connect with a person, place or thing that is full of life, energy and abundance
Notice and give gratitude for the abundance you have in your life - no matter how big or small
Read an autobiography of someone who is truly prosperous, watch a movie or TV program where you witness someone stepping into greater and greater prosperity

All of these simple steps will redirect your mindset back to one of prosperity. Whenever I am doubting my prosperity, I like to take myself on a little outing to a place that is brimming with prosperity. Where I live, we have this great outdoor mall in a wealthy part of town and everything about it is chic, elegant and full of the energy of prosperity. Just a few minutes there and I’m instantly reminded of what a rich and abundant world and country we live in.

2. Stimulate Abundance

Since abundance is a natural cycle with ebbs and flows of giving and receiving, if you stimulate one aspect, you actually stimulate the entire cycle. So by giving, you can actually create an equal and opposite reaction of receiving.

Your power practices for stimulating abundance are to:
Decide what is abundant in your life: money, time, energy, care, etc.
Make a commitment to give more of what you have that is abundant
Find an avenue to give - if money is in a ebb cycle, give of your time, if time is tight, give of your heart

By stimulating the flow of giving and you are putting yourself in a position to receive. One of my favorite ways to consciously give is to go through my clothes, jewelry, shoes and purses and if I haven’t worn it in a year, it goes in my giving pile. I then happily donate it to a local charity and watch how the space I just created gets filled up with something that I really need and want.

3. Receive Abundance

Many of us think we are open to receive but actually find it easier or more comfortable to be the giver. Ask yourself when was the last time you really let someone help you? When was the last time you reached out and asked for help? In my coaching programs, I find that this is the single, biggest block most women have. They don’t allow themselves to receive. We are so trained and programmed to give and be concerned about others and take care of them, that we are completely untrained and unaware of how to receive.

Your power practices for receiving abundance are to:
Ask a friend, family member or coworker for help
Say some prayers, intentions or petitions to something greater than you
Let a stranger hold the door open for you

One of my favorite power practices is to create an intention to receive at the beginning of my day and then pay close attention to how it shows up. I find that strangers smile at me more or someone will let me into the line of traffic or there’s a mix up at the restaurant and I get my meal for free. It happens every single time I do it and I am always so tickled to see how quickly and consistently it works. So notice when life is trying to send you or give you things and if you’re actually allowing it in.

My invitation to you is to put these power practices in place for two weeks and notice the difference. Doing them regularly will put you in the mindset of prosperity with purpose.

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Named after the great archangel, Gabrielle Marie Loomis is a Messenger for our modern day world. Through her work, she has empowered hundreds of women to awaken their true power and potential and step into their greatness. Her belief in the power of a woman’s spirit along with her own personal journey of radical transformation has created a deep passion for supporting women who desire more in their lives. Gabrielle offers life changing group and individual programs at