Most people wonder why there are individuals who are incredibly rich and why there are some who always struggle to make both ends meet. And why are there more poor people than rich people? It is even more perplexing as to why there are some people who began poor and went through life's hardships who end up materially and financially prosperous, while there are some who died with absolutely nothing at all. What is the secret of these millionaires? What do they have that others don't? Why do the poor stay poor and the rich get richer? The answer is this: it's all in the mind.

Wealthy people, especially those who started small and ended up big, have the so-called 'millionaire mind set'. Not all people have this kind of thinking because it is unconventional, quite aggressive and very existential; essentially, it is a wholly different outlook on life and prosperity. Most people will want to sit on a couch in front of the TV with a beer in hand, but this is not the kind of mindset that strives for greatness and aspiration. It shows laziness and complacency, not perseverance and determination. The mind has tremendous effects on one's successes and failures in life, so it is better to switch to a millionaire mindset right now. Here are some of the things a person can do today to radically change his/her way of thinking.

1) First of all, one should stop all the blaming and take responsibility for everything that happens in his/her life. It won't help being angry at the parents for not providing education or at the boss for getting sacked. In the end, know that nothing can happen to change the past. The millionaire mind set is unencumbered by any past failures. Instead, take responsibility and make amends for each of the failures because each man should carry his burden and his life.

2) Second, one should always have a positive attitude in life. This is related to the first tip, but the 'good vibes' must permeate in all aspects of a person's life - in relationships and careers and all inevitable problems as well. One should look at the bright side, so they say. This is because having a positive attitude changes one's quality of work, relationships with other people and dream goals. A millionaire mind set positively thinks it can achieve anything it wants.

3) Thirdly and most importantly, one should love and find satisfaction in his/her work. It is impossible to get rich by spending 40 hours a week on something that is very burdensome and hateful; that is stressful and very taxing. Loving the job brings about quality work, happiness and satisfaction.

And having a millionaire mind set does not mean to focus solely on the paycheck and money, but rather on improving one's chosen craft and producing high-quality work. Financial rewards then follow people who are passionate and skillful in their respective fields. It is then important to pursue a profession for love rather than for money.

So if you want to be the next big success story or the next Richard Branson or Warren Buffet you need the secrets of developing that must have millionaire mind set.

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Do you want to become a member of the exclusive millionaire rich club? Learn to think exactly how the rich think, and develop the must have millionaire mind set.