If you are spanking ready to jump into a weight-loss program, I’m happy for you. But it’s important that you are prepared mentally for the challenges ahead. Losing weight often sends people on an emotional roller coaster. How you handle the ups and downs will make all the difference. Thus, listen up.
I want to ask you three tough questions.

These will make you consider yourself seriously. You have to explore what is going on inside of you, your motives, your experiences in life, and the road ahead to where you’d like to be. Emotions affect your eating habits. How you deal with your emotions will be critical in any weight-loss program.

Don’t just mull these questions in your mind. You need written answers. If your answers cannot be seen or heard, then they didn’t occur, you don’t get credit for them. A formal written answer will focus your mind. Your answers may surprise you even, this is why they must be written. You are engaging in a life change.

First. Why are you overweight?
ot because you are busy and have to eat out often. Not because you like those sweets and snacks in the house. Not because your work has you sitting all day. Not because it’s too expensive to eat the healthy stuff. Those are external reasons. Go deeper with yourself.

Find the emotional responses to your circumstances that cause you to want to eat. Look at any insecurities you have about yourself, your abilities, your looks. Some stark honesty with yourself is required here. You don’t have to show that paper to anyone. Write down the real reasons when you sense them come into your mind.

Second. Why do you want to lose weight?
Again go deep. Just to look and feel better is insufficient here. It’s not about being happy, either. Happiness is not tied to a certain body weight, otherwise you’ll setting yourself up for disappointment. Of course, all these results are tied in to losing weight, it’s just that your reason has to be disengaged from the results.

One of the best reasons is that you want to improve all aspects of your life. Shift your focus away from measuring pounds you lose to measuring the life you gain. Your whole self is at stake, in a way. Improving relationships, expanding your knowledge of things, learning new skills, creating a happier home life. You get the picture.

Third. Why have you been unable to maintain weight loss in the past?
Your family is the biggest influence on your belief system about yourself and your weight. They easily discourage, disenchant, disallow your previous success. Whatever negative core belief provokes you internally, quietly, to put the weight back on, you have to dig deep to uncover it. Only then can you work toward fixing it.

You have to look at stuck habits and stale attitudes, too. You have to look at the triggers that sabotaged your gains. You have to replay the past events and ponder why.

Written answers serve as a new weight-loss menu. When you write your answers on a sheet of paper, you will have created a strong framework for entering a new weight-loss program. Your written answers will be like the stones placed squarely in the corners upon which your success is to be built.

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