Small business ownership is a risk and reward type of existence from the standpoint as an entrepreneur you really have to 'put it out there' but when you succeed, it's sweet! Internet entrepreneurs in particular are a breed that tend to 'push the envelope' a little bit more since financial risks are not what they would be in a traditional 'brick and mortar' business! Nonetheless there are 3 realities one must accept and address if you intend to achieve small business success online!

Full Accountability

One thing about being your own boss is that if you don't do it in most cases it won't get done so slackers beware! Small business success online depends entirely upon the amount and quality of effort internet entrepreneurs put into it! Both successes and failures are the complete responsibility of the individual so cheers to you when you succeed and also be willing to try harder when you don't! Remember there will be NOBODY to do it for you so embrace the fact that you are fully in control of the rewards or setbacks you may reap!


As stated early internet entrepreneurs typically live a risk and reward type of existence! There will be many times where certain risks will need to be taken in order to enjoy the chance of any reward! Understandably many are uncomfortable with this 'challenge' to their comfort zone and as a result decide to opt out when the risks are too high for them! This is where the saying 'no guts, no glory' comes from and its meaning is very applicable to our discussion here!


It is important to recognize that when dealing with risks as we discussed immediately above, you can always minimize and even avoid them with the proper preparation! When you do your 'due diligence' and plan according it is then that you are able to experience the exhilarating feeling of small business success! Here again quite possibly the single biggest challenge you face is that all decisions and every effort is yours alone to make! You ready to do that?

Online small business ownership can be very rewarding especially for those internet entrepreneurs willing to invest of themselves! Working for yourself usually means working by yourself and this can be and is a very risk and reward type of existence! There will be times, and you can count on this, where you'll need to take on certain risks, but if you're properly prepared the rewards you experience make it all worth while! Our discussion above focuses on 3 realities anybody faces who has the willingness to take on the challenges associated with achieving small business success! Acknowledging the risk and rewards that are part of the daily lives of so many internet entrepreneurs will serve as a 'gut check' to see if the pursuit of online small business success is right for you!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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