Ok, I confess — the title might appear a little arrogant. After all, not all experts are wrong about all eating disorder treatments. But there are lots of experts and they don't all agree, so some of them must not be right.

The problem goes a little deeper, though. The experts I have in mind are wrong about some important things. Some of them believe that pills and shots and even — yikes! — shock therapy are the way to cure anorexia or bulimia.

There are (at least) three big reasons why that's not the best approach.

Reason #1 — Drugs Have Side Effects

Psychiatrists, therapists with an M.D. who therefore can prescribe medicine, mean well. But they've been trained to reach for a pill first.

Some medications may be necessary, for a short time, to help reverse ill physical effects. But "less is more" applies here. ALL drugs have side effects. Sometimes they're mild; other times, they're worse than the illness.

Ask your therapist ahead of time about the side effects. Discuss the possible risks and potential benefits. Don't be put off by any answer that sounds like "Trust me. I'm a professional."

Seek a second, or even third opinion on any drug suggested. Do some research on the Internet and seek out respectable, professional health sites like the Mayo Clinic.

Most of all, trust your body's signals. A little discomfort may be worth the long-term benefits. But any medicine that makes you feel worse for a long time provides a signal that it's not right for you.

Reason #2 — Not All Therapists Are Created Equal

Eating disorder treatments is a specialty within a vast array of medical services. Even experienced psychotherapists can't be experts in every sub-discipline of their field. Seek advice from one with a proven successful track record in treating eating disorders.

Then take it a step further and seek out one that has in-depth experience in your specific problem. Anorexia, bulimia, or whatever your problem might be, have different roots. A little cross disciplinary experience is helpful; it provides a broader perspective. But strong specialization is preferred here.

Reason #3 — There Are Different Approaches, Not All Equally Good

It's commonplace these days for people to assert that no one really knows anything about health, therefore anything goes. True, it is a complex field and every patient is unique. But that doesn't imply that there are NO wrong answers. You can't treat a cold by eating mud.

A silly example, for sure. But the point is: you can't restore health through just any old thing whatever. Nutrition is a science and some things/behaviors are good for you and others are not. That's true even though there's a lot of variation in details from one person to the next.

After many decades of study and creating eating disorder treatments, some experts have learned a thing or two. Others, have approaches that are little better than witch doctory. Because people are so complicated, health science is full of quacks, sadly. Sifting out the good from the bad is daunting, but it's a must.


So, in that web of helpful or not helpful, what is the non-expert to do?

Seek some guideposts that common sense assures you are trustworthy. Talk with friends or seek a support group and ask probing questions.

When an eating disorder treatment works for someone, the evidence will be plain to your eyes. Then, just ask what it was. Check that it worked for a lot of individuals, not just in one special case.

Soon, you'll be an expert in eating disorder treatments, too — and one who isn't wrong.

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