Schools around the country are adopting a school lunch software that helps to automate and modernize their school lunch program. Unlike traditional forms of school lunch management, school lunch software helps to eliminate cash and paper forms. These systems are an effective way to minimize contact and save time on your school lunch program.

Save Food Service Providers Time & Money

A school lunch software can help automate mundane tasks so that food service providers can expend more resources on other aspects of their business. School lunch managers can upload menus online to effectively communicate with parents. These menus are designed to include nutrition and allergy information and help customers order directly online or from an app. Service provider will receive each order online instead of through paper order forms. Based on what has been ordered and distributed throughout the day, the school lunch software can generate automated reports to help food service providers plan for future orders. This reporting will be entirely online and free of human error. The online system allows for managers to send mass emails to everyone that takes part in the school lunch program. Managers that work with multiple schools can use the one school lunch software to automate tasks across each school they manage. A school lunch software can accommodate for discounted lunches, after school food distribution, fundraisers and more. Adopting an online school lunch software can help streamline the process for those who manage school lunch programs.

Easy for Parents to Use

Switching to a school lunch software allows parents to easily order their child’s school lunch online. Parents can log in to their account and have access to detailed menus that contain nutrition and allergy information. Online menus make it easier for parents to be aware of the nutrition that their child receives at school. They can order straight from the online system or from an app and make secure payments. With the school lunch software, parents no longer have to worry about sending their kids to school with cash and paper forms for their school lunch. Parents who are constantly on the go or parents who do not have access to a home computer find benefits in utilizing an app to order their child’s school lunch. Since the online system also provides ways for school lunch program managers to communicate, parents can stay informed on their child’s school lunch program through emails or messages from within the online system. Taking paper forms, cash and word of mouth out of a school lunch program allow for parents to be better informed with little effort.

Keep Students & Staff Healthy

Implementing a school lunch software helps schools safely return to their school lunch program while being compliant with CDC health requirements. An online system can accommodate a classroom-based distribution model. Many schools have opted to distribute lunches to students within their classroom instead of in the cafeteria to better maintain social distancing. Manually, a classroom-based distribution model would take hours to set up, however with an online system, it can be automated. By eliminated paper forms, contact is reduced between food service administrators and students. Instead of handing paper forms, students will simply state their name or ID to receive their lunch. This has proven to reduce the time that students spend in line which further helps to prevent the transmission of germs. Even post-pandemic, the call to adopt more cashless and contactless solutions will continue to persist.

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