Since more and more people have become familiar the Law of Attraction and how to use it to attract the things they want, there has been a big demand for the service of people who call themselves a Law of Attraction Life Coach. The most common questions are: ’Who are these people ?’, ‘What do they do that is different from a regular life coach?’ and ’How can you find a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach?’

I just want to say here that I am actually a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach but I live in Istanbul so I’m afraid I can’t be around to help all of you but I can tell what a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach does and give some reasons to consider using the service of one.

Basically a Law of Attraction life coach helps others to achieve great relationships, health and wealth (among other things) by harnessing universal energy and applying it to their personal goals.So people are asking me how this differs from what a traditional life coach does. Great question.

Let me begin by saying that in fact, they are pretty similar. Traditional life coaches and Law of Attraction coaches help clients identify and achieve their goals. They just go about it in a different way.

So let me give you three reasons to give a Law of Attraction life coach a try :

1) As Einstein said,“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

A Law of Attraction Life Coach Works on a super-conscious level.
If you have ever used a traditional life coach, you will know that they use a variety of methods to assist clients to move toward their ultimate goals. Techniques such as the Wheel of Life help you to identify core values, and encourage you to commit to your newfound goals. Answering powerful questions encourage you to increase your expectations of yourself and your life.

While I believe in what these coaches can do for their clients, I also believe that unless you are actually engaged in energy work, it is difficult to make some of these changes stick. I chose to become a Law of Attraction life coach because I firmly believe that it is extremely difficult to solve problems on the same level of mind that created them in the first place.

To understand what I mean by this, you need to understand that there are 3 different parts to your being and that they all work together to help you to manifest the life that you want.

You have probably heard of the first two. These are what are commonly known as the conscious and sub-conscious minds.

Most coaches really only work on these two levels. For example, motivational speakers work with you on a conscious level, helping you to make goals and plan steps to help you achieve those goals, motivating you along the way. Others, like hypnotherapists help you to overcome obstacles on a sub-conscious level by helping you change sub-conscious beliefs and thoughts that result in things like addictions or compulsive behavior.

But there is a third level of being that we all have and that is the highest level of self, often called the super-conscious mind (although, it is often referred to as the universal mind or the collective conscious). This is the level of self that is energetically connected with the universe and by learning how to access and leverage it, you will find that you can receive inspiration to address ongoing issues in your life, change long-standing patterns and let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back from achieving success.

Needless to say, tapping into this power can allow problems on a lower frequency to literally dissolve. When you can harness this type of energy, you’ll feel supremely powerful. And that’s a great feeling to have.

2) Law of Attraction Life Coaches Focus More on Your Thoughts and Feelings

LOA coaches differ from traditional life coaches in that they place more importance on your thoughts and feelings. This is very important because they have such a deep effect on your energy vibration and this has a profound effect on what you eventually create.

There is little value in exploring past issues that raise negative emotions for you and putting your conscious attention on them, as this simply magnifies them and allows them to filter into your energy. For this reason a Law of Attraction coach supports you in managing your vibrational energy by encouraging you to develop better habits, release limiting beliefs and identify areas where you may have resistance.

3) You Learn the Art of Allowing

Those of you who have been into the Law of Attraction for a while now will know that there are certain assumptions which operate. These assumptions are things like the Law of Attraction works whether you are trying to use it or not; that the universe wants only the best, most abundant things for you and that resistance to the flow of life is what causes most illnesses, or other undesirable circumstances.

In other words, the universe is co-creating with you all the time so the things that happen to you are the things that you ALLOW to happen to you by virtue of your thoughts and feelings. By going beyond the conscious level of your mind, a coach can help you to tweak those thoughts and beliefs that may be the root of the problem. After a while, you will see new things and opportunities show themselves to you as a sign that you are more aligned with your goals on an energy level, and not just on a conscious level. All you need to do then is learn to allow them.

Allowing is the great part because once you are aligned, achieving your goals stops feeling like an uphill battle and more like something you are just naturally able to do. This may seem like you are not putting in a lot of actual effort. You are, it’s just you are putting your focus on different things.

So these are the best reasons I know for giving a Law of Attraction life coach a try. If you are still unsure, just think of us as someone who helps you to focus on achieving your ultimate desire of satisfaction and joy without depending on certain circumstances or situations to feel those feelings.

How Can I Find A Law of Attraction Life Coach?

Law of attraction coaches may be self-trained or certified by one of several LOA life coach training programs worldwide. For an extensive listing of coaches whose practices are founded on the principles of deliberate creation, as well as a list of LOA coach training programs, visit

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