Have you ever thought about getting your masters degree? Chances are that you've been playing with the idea and you may even have some ideas on exactly what you want your masters degree to be about. Less than 10% of graduates go on to complete a masters degree and regardless of your area of study it can open new doors for you. There is no doubt about the fact that its a tough challenge and if you are already working it can be even tougher.

With the economy in the state its in at the moment many fresh graduates are stuck in the unemployment line. Maybe going back to university can be a wise thing while you ride out the economic downturn. If you hesitate, here are 3 reasons why its wise to get your masters degree.

1. It's Easier Than Ever Before

With online degree programs its easier than ever before to get your masters degree. The flexibility and convenience of an online degree program means that you can even work while you are studying. Best of all, online degrees are now very well respected and you have the opportunity to join virtually any online university from all over the world.

2. It Sets You Apart

Having that extra degree really looks great on a resume. It will definitely set you apart from all the other hundreds of job applicants. it also says a lot about your dedication and commitment and having that extra qualification can really help you to stand out with a unique set of skills.

3. It Improves Your Career Prospects

While a masters can help you find a job much easier it actually opens up a whole new world for you. Often a normal bachelors degree will only take you that far. A masters can actually open up new doors for you in fields and careers that you previously did not know about or where not qualified for.

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Article by John C. Burrow - Please visit John's website for more infromation and advice.