A good article by a prepper was saying to move out of blue states. (anti-guns) He had some good reasons… “If you own a cracker box home in someplace like Sunnyvale, California, you should immediately consider cashing it in and buying something like a little lot in Montana. (you’ll have enough money left over to give you time to figure out employment)…Imagine waking up every day to freedom and thanking God for the bounty He’s bestowed on you.” http://www.wnd.com/2018/03/why-you-should-move-out-of-blue-states/?cat_o...

Reason #2 is not so obvious, but we may not be able to sell soon. Most Christians are deceived by popular preaching and “Left Behind” into thinking they will be raptured, and they have missed a serious sign for fleeing. Let’s consider the historical context…

“When you shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel…flee to the mountains.” Mark 13:14-19 has additional considerations to avoid ‘affliction.’ That hasn’t dawned on most folk. Christ’s warning will probably never be heard in most US churches, but trouble is coming to a neighbor near us soon, and moving sooner is better than later.

The early believers understood Christ’s warning as referring to the Roman army, and they fled when Cestius came to Jerusalem in 66 AD. This spared them the siege by Titus, 70 AD.

Did we miss something? The CIA has been called Catholics In Action as its leadership is Catholic and implicated in Deep State issues. The strategy of a military drill in 2015 [JADE HELM—Homeland Eradication of Local Militants] was a first, but not the last and the pope also represented the interests of Rome to the US Congress in 2015. Could that be what Christ meant by the “abomination”? The Bible labels the church as Mother of Abominations in Revelation 17 where clues in verses 1-6 and 9 only fit the papacy.

Reason #3 for most people to get out of cities is obedience to Christ, whether or not we understand all the reasons. When we are up to our ears in a swamp that didn’t get drained, it will be too late to ask why.
But selling in the city does not mean we should buy in the country. Mobility will important to be ready for what God intends to do. The early Christians were known as people of “the Way.” Acts 2 suggests that ownership of property was not a big thing because whatever they had, they shared with others.

Christ tells us to sell what we have as an introduction to His wedding parable in Luke 12:32-48. This would suggest selling, but not re-investing because in the end-times, God is going to make a “full end of all nations” while He has something else in mind for us—please see Jeremiah 30:3,11,24 (latter days) as the context for the New Covenant Promise in the next chapter.

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