Sticking to a diet and exercise plan can be hard enough under the best of circumstances. When a person faces challenges alone, falling off the wagon can be all too easy. There is no reason for anyone to face the battle to get into better shape alone, however. A weight loss support group can provide the needed boost to help members stay on track.

Support groups for weight loss are widely available in a number of locations. When going to actual meetings does not appeal or fails to fit into the schedule, there are even online alternatives that can provide the help needed. There are many reasons why support groups for weight loss can make all the difference in the world for individual members.

Here are just three of them:

1. The sense of connection they provide – Losing weight can be a difficult journey, especially for those who feel they are traveling alone. When an individual joins a support group, he or she will gain the benefit of forming connections with others who truly understand the challenges faced. This alone can make support groups for weight loss well worth looking into.

2. The true support provided – Dieting and exercise programs can be very difficult to stick with. Even when a diet does not involve a crash, short-term plan, the temptations to slip can be incredibly high. After all, fast-food restaurants, ice cream stores and candy racks in grocery store checkouts can be incredibly tempting. When a person joins a support group, access to a cheerleading section is always available. Knowing that others are there to help and that they want a person to succeed can make a tremendous difference when temptations present. It can also be especially helpful to hear about others slipups and how they overcame them, too. Support groups simply provide a human element that many diet plans lack. This element can be the key to success in the long run.

3. The real-life advice provided – Even in the online setting, members of weight loss groups are real people who have real experiences to share. These people can offer keen insights on how to achieve goals and how to avoid pitfalls that might stand in the way. The advice provided by other members can be especially valuable because it comes not from a book, a doctor or a nutritionist, but from another person who really understands how difficult shedding pounds and getting into shape can be. In most cases, the insights are frank, nonjudgmental and very useful.

Dieters who are having a hard time attaining their goals may benefit from looking into a weight loss support group. The journey to better health and fitness is often much easier to make when a person does not walk alone. Online support groups and social networking sites for weight loss can provide the perfect opportunity for those who are uncomfortable with the notion of a face-to-face encounter. Joining the right group can provide the difference dieters are looking for.

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Alexander Sharp is the editor in chief of diet, health and fitness social network SlimNew.Me. A leading online diet community, SlimNew.Me offers expert advice, delicious low fat recipes and workout routines.