Parties are not the same as they used to be in the old times. To impress your guests or arrive at a venue in style, you could hire a party bus. Unlike the limousine, the trend of the cheaper party bus has seen a rise in popularity, mostly due to recent films show the actors going to town in such luxury vehicles. Nowadays, it is not just about-to-be-wed women and men who are opting for these. People are celebrating their birthdays, get-togethers, and anniversaries on party buses too. There are a plethora of reasons why one could choose a party bus as the primary mode of transportation to a party over a limo, or as the venue for the party itself. Let’s see what gives the party buses the edge over their regal predecessors, the limousine.

1. Affordability: Even though limos are still hot, hiring a party bus is a significantly cost-effective way to throw a wicked party. With the trend becoming more and more popular, more companies are entering the market and making party buses more affordable for the general masses. This option is far cheaper than hiring a venue at a hotel or club and transportation separately. That is why party bus rental companies in Sydney, Canberra and other cities are attempting to get the best deals out there in the market to meet up with the surge in demand.

2. Convenience Factor: Party buses are a source of both convenience and comfort. These buses are of superb quality and comfortable enough to carry a large number of people at a time, unlike limos. The most significant customer bases for such party buses are bachelorette parties or hens’ night outs in Sydney, Melbourne, and other big cities, where women can safely let loose with their friends. These buses generally come equipped with flat-screen TVs, high-quality entertainment systems, video games, minibars, karaoke machines, and the list goes on. Each bus can fit up to 20 to 30 people at a time. These buses generally allow food and drinks, including the alcoholic ones, dancing, music, and other forms of entertainment to be had on the vehicle at a lucrative price-point. 

3. Multipurpose Medium of Transport: Party buses are multipurpose and especially popular with groups who are keen on sightseeing. These buses can tour around the entire city, visit essential must-visit stops for tourists and park at local food joints, while the party continued inside. The limousine, on the other hand, can only be used for transportation. This cost-effective and multipurpose usage is why these buses are trendy among university students as well.  


With the rising trend of party buses, especially in Australia, more reputed organizations are gearing up to start their bus services, catering to the party-goers in the coming days. The trend of the limousine has seen its hay-days. However, with the 21st century approaching and younger people entering the working class, the luxuriousness of the limousine has given way for the efficiency of the party bus. Young people are now looking for multipurpose and cost-efficient ways to let loose, and the party bus seems to be the perfect option.

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The owner of a Party Bus Rental Agency in Sydney, the author provides party bus services for bachelor parties, Christmas parties and hens’ night out in Sydney. Besides running a successful organization that caters to its customers’ unique transportation needs, the author writes a blog for the web that is updated regularly.