The United Nations just released a new report. They proclaimed, “No one will escape climate change.”

Many of their articles and reports have a recommendation for “saving the planet”: Stop eating meat and become a vegetarian.

The vegeterrorists are at it again.

Vegetables are delicious and good for you, but the idea of replacing animals with vegetables is completely backwards.

Here are 3 reasons that explain why you should not become vegetarian or vegan.

Reason #1: Vegetarianism Hurts Your Health

The argument I hear most often for becoming a vegetarian of any kind is that they think it will improve their health. Not true.

First off, vegetarians and vegans have to get the bulk of their calories from sources other than meat. They often end up eating larger portions of soy, wheat or other grain based products. Tofu, soy milk, breads, pastas, rice…

Those products lead to a high carbohydrate load which could lead to chronically high insulin levels, weight gain and diabetes.

But still, vegetarians cling to their belief that they are gaining good health by giving up meat.

Reason #2: Eating Meat Gave Us Our Incredible Brain

Did you know that our brains are twice the size they should be for a primate our size?

And our digestive tract is 60% shorter. This digestive system is probably what gave us the chance to develop the bigger brain we enjoy today and become humans.

Eating more nutrient-dense foods like meat and animal fat leaves more energy for other processes to happen.1

Most herbivores have to eat slowly all day long and have a digestive system to digest cellulose by a fermentation process. This job often requires more than one stomach.

Comparatively, most carnivores can eat more infrequently and will stay well fed for a much longer period of time after eating. They can do this because of the sheer number of nutrients in the food.

This is a good thing because carnivores can survive for a couple of days if they don’t make any kills for a while.

Reason #3: There Is No Natural Substitute for Meat

Let’s say, hypothetically, you wanted to replace meat with something else.

Unfortunately, everything you try as a substitute for the nutrients you get in meat turns out in one way or another to have some unnatural element. When you trace it through, it is harmful.

In other words, when you stop eating meat, it is hard to do it without eating something that is bad for you.

No matter what your choices are, they are not natural. Every one of those unnatural substitutes have their own problems.

The choice to eat only vegetables and grains is not what nature intended for your body, either.
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1 Eades and Eades. “Protein Power Life Plan.” Grand Central Publishing. May 2001. P 9.

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