When one of the parties in the relationship
is thinking of moving on, break up focused conversations
can be difficult to have.
If your boyfriend or girlfriend approaches you
with talk about a breakup,

it may be difficult for you
to hear what he or she has to say to you.
Still, when your current significant other
approaches you with a conversation about moving on,
break up talk is going to have to happen.

This is actually a primary time
for you to figure out
what is going wrong in the relationship
so that you can rectify the situation now
rather than struggling to fix things in the future.
It is common not to know how to handle moving on,
break up decisions are often hard to swallow
when you do not see them coming.

Even if your boyfriend or girlfriend approaches you
with the idea of moving on,
break up is not necessarily inevitable,
because there are healthy things
that you can do in order to rectify the situation.

Most breakups can be avoided simply
by figuring out what has led to the dissention
in the relationship and nipping those problems
in the bud before you chase your significant other away completely.
If you want to keep your significant other
from leaving the relationship and eventually moving on,
break up centric conversations
are going to need to happen

so that the issues in the relationship
can be fully explored.
By exploring these issues
and figuring out what went wrong,
or what is going wrong at present,
then you will have a much easier time
of keeping your significant other from moving on,
so that break up or seeing someone else is averted.

When it comes to preventing him or her from moving on,
break up conversations should include the following:

1) You should specifically ask
why your significant other
is unhappy in the relationship.

2)You should specifically ask
if there is anything
that you can do to rectify the situation.

3 You should retain all of the information
that your significant other gives you
so that you can make positive changes
in the relationship according.

Once you have a strong basis
for what is going wrong in the relationship,
the next step is
to make the necessary positive changes
in order to keep your ex from moving on.

If there is a communication breakdown,
obviously you need to communicate more effectively.
If your significant other is unhappy with something else,
find a solution and begin
to implement it however necessary
to keep your significant other
from finding a reason to leave you.

It may seem like a lot of work at the outset,
but it will be well worth the effort
if it means preventing your significant other
from breaking up with you and moving on, break up averted.

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