Are you planning to throw away your old frames that you have broken recently and thinking about buying a new pair? But at the same time, are you equally tensed about huge expenses that you will have to incur while buying a new pair of glasses? Don't worry; today there are numerous eyewear repair service centers that makes use of latest and the sophisticated techniques to fix glasses as well as the sunglasses that are broken. It mends your old broken frames and transforms it into an altogether new pair.

Instead of spending huge amounts of money in replacing your broken frames, it is always better to repair your eyeglasses from the experts who will fix glasses, incorporating the latest techniques thus leaving no trace of repair on it. Given below are the top three reasons why should fix you frame from an eyewear repair service centers.


In case if you break the temple or the bridge of your eyeglass frame, the eyewear repair lab technician takes great care in mending your frame. If he welds the broken part, he ensures to use adequately good amount of the silver so that the bond is strong and long lasting. An expert eyewear repair technician will avoid any temporary repairs. All he will care for is the durability as well as the comfort ability of the repaired glasses.

Fine touch-up, No discoloration seen

In most of the eyewear repair cases, especially if the broken frame or the nose pad is welded, there are chances of discoloration to some extent. However an expert eyewear repair services will take care of the frames to the best of their ability. They will touch up the welded portion in such a way that there is no sign of any discoloration. It would be almost impossible to find out if ever a repair has been made on the eyeglasses. In fact, the glasses repair work will give almost a new look and feel to the old, broken and patchy glasses.


Why would you want to throw up your old broken glass when you can actually reuse them and save huge bucks from investing into a new pair? It is possible to conveniently fix glasses and even sunglasses from any of the eyewear repair service centers, sitting within the comfort of your home at a very reasonable cost. The prices that are charged to fix glasses are minimal. So, instead of spending huge amounts in buying a new, it is always better to get your eyewear repaired and reuse them.

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Trend To Go provides glasses and sunglasses repair services to their clients by making use of the sophisticated techniques such as laser welding in order to repair almost all plastic and metal frames including Rimless, Titanium, and Stainless Steel. So, if you have broken your glasses, visit Trend To Go will take care of all your eyewear repair services.