These days, companies are going the extra mile in order to find out what content their audience likes the most. That is why they are trying to track each and every small move by the audience. While many of the companies have normal analytics on their website but companies do still not understand the importance of heat maps. Heat maps can help you immensely in order to understand which content is performing better. They can also help you understand the variations in content performance on the very same page. This would help you create a better website which is the most relevant as well as effective content for your audience. This can help you in significantly increasing your conversion rates as well as expanding your business.

Today we would share with you 3 different reasons as to why you should always install heat maps on your website.

Real-time tracking:
With the help of heat maps, you would be able to track the visitors in real-time. This would help you understand with which aspect of your website, the visitors are having maximum interaction. Thus, you would be able to make the changes to your website in real-time so that you are able to get a higher conversion rate more easily. Using the heat map, you would be able to see the position of the mouse pointer of the visitors more easily and therefore, the areas where the visitors are having maximum interaction can be used to place a call to action so that the conversion rates increase significantly.

Classifying traffic:
The heat maps would also let you know which traffic is performing better. This would help you understand how you can modify your website in real time in order to increase the conversion rate from the traffic which is currently not performing that well. This is another reason why you should install heat maps on your website.

Bettering the sales copy:
You can load dynamic pages in front of your visitors. This would help you understand which sales copy is performing better. Such content analytics would help you in bettering the sales copy on a consistent basis. When you are improving the sales copy on a consistent basis, it would help you in easily increasing the revenue from your website.

Moreover, by serving more effective content you would be able to use search analytics to your advantage by reducing the bounce rate which would help you in gaining more visitors from the search engines. This is another advantage of the heat map technology.

Whenever you are adding images to your website, with the help of heat maps you would be able to also find out whether the visitors are ignoring those images or whether the visitors are actually spending more time owing to the large number of images on your page. This would further help you in making your website more interactive for the visitors by looking into these image recognition analytics.

So, instead of underestimating the importance of heat map, you have to look into these few advantages of heat map like real-time tracking as well as image recognition analytics in order to serve the best content to your visitors.

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