For those not making money online after investing a good amount of time and effort it can be very frustrating! It is understandable for many to feel that establishing a profitable business on the internet is more a pipe dream than a realistic goal! In many cases however your futile efforts to establish a new online business may be attributed to your own 'shortcomings' more than any factors associated with the internet environment itself!

Here are 3 areas where your own personal efforts or lack thereof may indeed keep you from establishing a profitable business on the internet!

Not Focused

You're chasing after too many opportunities and not allowing yourself time for your efforts to show results! This is a very normal occurrence for anybody who enters into the internet environment focusing more on making money without having a particular topic or niche in mind! Without having a particular interest to focus on people tend to be more tempted to chase down every opportunity they come across! On the internet you will NEVER be at a loss for new opportunities to chase after but in doing so it will get you nowhere since you're always 'starting' but never 'building' a new online business!

You Lack Motivation

Building a profitable business takes both time and effort! If you're not properly motivated you'll likely NOT invest enough of either to become successful! Another thing about working within the internet environment is that in most cases you'll be working alone so you MUST be driven! Many feel starting a new online business will be a lightning quick process where the money starts to roll in no time and this is NOT the case! Time,patience and diligence will all be required as well as an ample supply of motivation! You game?

Not Delegating Efforts Properly

You can stay extremely busy all day long however if these activities are NOT income producing you're spinning your wheels! It is important to quickly identify those activities that will yield you the greatest results towards helping you earn an income! For anybody starting a new business online there will always be a learning curve and determining what tasks and functions are the most critical to your growth should be a priority! Once you have established this you'll be better able to increase your productivity along with accelerating the process involved in developing a profitable business!

Far too many have spend hours of their time and invested considerable effort but yet are still not making money online! Although it's natural for people to blame the intensity and dynamics of the internet environment, fault can't always be found there! For anybody attempting to develop a new online business much of your success or lack thereof will be more the result of the quality and not quantity of the effort invested! The discussion above points out 3 areas of your approach involving your focus and desire that must be instilled in your efforts if you expect to build a profitable business for yourself online! Remember although the internet environment can be a tricky one to navigate, if you don't start with the proper mindset, focus and resolve, success WILL elude you!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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