As the variety of flexible business models and dynamic, versatile start-up companies increases, the corporate world is getting used to new ways of working. Traditionally, an ‘office’ was a dreary environment all set up in harsh rows and dark cubicles. It still conjures up images of grey walls and fluorescent lighting for most.

Yet, things have changed a lot over the last decade. Just look at high profile offices around the world – check out the amazing environments which Google gives to its employees, for example. These vibrant workspaces strike an important balance between creativity and productivity, and it is something that all startups need.

So, don’t shy away from a formal office space. No matter how innovative the ideas, all entrepreneurs should aim to find themselves a great corporate address. Keep reading to learn why it is so important.

Attracting Talent

Setting up a base in a major city like Auckland, Sydney, or Hong Kong can be very expensive. To offset the costs, you need to attract the finest talent. By providing serviced offices, Servcorp and other providers like it give new businesses the chance to minimise overheads and invest more in building a team.

You may be able to run a small business from your bedroom or garage, but the reality is that you cannot direct a team without a permanent base. Plus, when your address looks great on paper, you naturally attract the best and brightest. Recent graduates and those with industry experience will prioritise jobs in locations with a reputation for success.

Impressing Investors

Similarly, you will not find many high profile investors or sponsors hanging around the New Zealand suburbs. They do not have to go far to look for business opportunities because cities like Auckland and Wellington are full of them. Don’t miss out by putting off the need for a stable, professional workspace.

Position your company in a location where investors will see it. You do not have to be earning a huge amount of profit to do this. If you are a young business and need a flexible, affordable arrangement, consider a virtual or serviced office. These suites come with negotiable leases and terms, so you can design a package which fits your needs.

Building a Brand

It is a mistake to think of corporate addresses as nothing more than a physical asset. They are a crucial element of branding and feed into the image that you want to create. If you are a tech start up, find the hub for tech innovation and grab yourself a spot. If you are making plans for a retail empire, position yourself at the centre of the action.

Even if you work from a virtual office and share the space with other professionals, location is important. You need to show investors and regional talent that you are worthy of a top spot. With a serviced office in Auckland, you can start small and expand your floor space if you plan to grow quickly. With no costly lock in leases or release fees, it is easy to make quick changes.

Why Virtual and Serviced Offices Are the Answer

The moment that you realise that it is time for a formal office space, you need to start building a setup schedule. It should include a comprehensive breakdown of all necessary overheads and expenses. Careful spending is vital because if you borrow cash to launch, it has to be offset by early profits. You can make this a more likely possibility by opting for a serviced or virtual office facility. They provide flat rates, fixed fees, and ‘all in one’ packages.

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