Hydroponic plants are something that grows with the help of water, and there is no soil to help it gain nutrients. All possible nutrients that a plant needs to grow well are supplied to the water while letting it grow normally. A hydroponic system is something synonymous to indoor plantations, and it is something that a lot of people are opting for.

To start a hydroponic system, there is the need for a grow tent that can hold up the designated places that would have the plants to grow. To replicate the sunlight, there is the need for LED lights while receiving the required nutrition from the water that is supplied for it to sustain and grow. One of the most critical aspects of a plant growing in such an environment is the roots. If the roots are healthy, everything else can fall in place.

While the roots are known to be the strongest part of any plant, it is something that can endure a lot of, but that doesn't mean it can be ignored. Here are a few ways that you can adopt and keep the roots healthy.

Check for the ph Level in the Water

At the day starts, the first thing that you are to do is check the pH level of the water in the reservoir that is supplying the nutrients to the plants. There are times when there is an imbalance, and that can lead to the damage of the roots which cannot be controlled later. The only option left would be to replace the plant and dispose of the damaged one. Therefore, checking the levels daily with a designated checking device would ensure that the plants are cared for.

Clean the System Every Month

Indoor air contains dirt and dust that often finds its way to the hydroponic system no matter how well the gaps. Apart from that, the wind carries pollen and spores that may be diseased, and there are chances of them settling in the areas where the plants are kept. A dirty grow box doesn't create a healthy environment for the roots which makes it difficult for it to receive oxygen as well as grow normally. Diseases and the growth of algae are something that becomes common when the surrounding area is dirty.

Supply the Plants with Fresh Water Occasionally

There are times when the pipes that supply the nutrient-rich water get blocked, or probably there is a buildup of excessive nutrients which can become problematic for the soil. When you provide the plants with fresh water without mixing anything in it, the pipes get cleaned while giving a new feel to the plants. Anything extra gets washed off while getting back to the routine the next day. This washes out not just the roots but also the plant as a whole while letting it grow afresh.

Checking the roots individually for the presence of pests is also something important especially when the grow box doesn't receive as much as ventilation as it should.

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The author has had close associations that deal with the supply of grow tents and writs this article to let people know of ways to care for the plant roots of the hydroponic system.