Since entrepreneurship is a somewhat of an intangible word with many varying definitions, it is hard to pinpoint what facets of small business are more important than others.

However, below are three additional considerations for any level of entrepreneur either small business or corporate:

1 - Creativity Is Not Only Important, It Is One of Your Best Friends

Creativity is a big driver for entrepreneurs to open their own business. Where others see problems, entrepreneurs come up with solutions.

Many entrepreneurs will hold back their creativity due to external reasons such as fear of failure in the face of others. Throughout my years as a business owner, I've learned that for every 1 failure I've experienced due to creative thinking, I've probably seen 5 successes from my creative ideas.

Entrepreneurs need to become confident in their creative ability. All entrepreneurs know it is there, however some don't let it come to the forefront of their business and life.

Without creativity and the courage to engage it, an entrepreneur is just an employee.

2 - Forget About Outside Judgements, They Are Never as Accurate as What You Think of Yourself

Taking the time to be overly concerned as to what others think is a habit shared by many people, though to be successful as an entrepreneur this is a habit that I strongly suggest you quickly break.

The entire purpose of entrepreneurship is to step out the norm and to embrace the fact that you are different.

Based on time spent with younger entrepreneurs, I would venture to say that this is the biggest hindrance to entrepreneurial success. Only when an entrepreneur frees himself or herself from the fear of others' judgment can they then achieve great things.

Be cognizant of what others think, but never reliant on those thoughts and opinions.

3 - Connecting with Employees is Hard but Crucial

After having many employees at a young age, some of whom have worked out while others did not, I can declare one thing to be true regarding employees: They are not as devoted to your business are you are.

Employees crave stability, a decent paycheck and respect from their boss. If you're lucky they will return the favors with loyalty and hard work. No more, no less.

When the entrepreneur groups the above 3 recommendations together and works diligently, their chances of success increase significantly.

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