Do you want your husband to be more romantic?  What if you had a secret weapon to get his attention?  What if you had 3 secret weapons?

Opposites attract…especially when it comes to romance and passion!

Your husband’s masculine and your feminine energy complement each other.  When your husband first met you he was attracted to something in you that felt feminine and different to him.  It was the opposite of him.  He didn’t want a masculine energy mate.  He wanted a feminine one.  He has plenty of masculine energy friends!

You, as the wife, the feminine energy in your marriage, have a few secret weapons to use to re-attract your husband and get his attention.  You can use them to get more romance!  Here are 3 of your secret weapons:

1. Own your femininity.  Your femininity is a secret weapon.  Your femininity is whatever is unique to you.  It’s that quality, that “something” about you that attracted your husband to you in the first place. I promise you that he remembers it!  It may be your tomboy attitude, or your sassy, smarty pants mouth or your elegant gracefulness.  Whatever it is for you… own it!  You be you!  Femininity = confidence.  And confidence in a woman is sexy and attractive to a man!  Femininity is softer than masculinity.  It’s a complement to his nature.  It’s the part of you that let him know you were interested in him when you first met!

2. Let him pursue you.  A little “chasing room” is a turn on for a man.  Even if the man is your husband!  It keeps him interested.  It makes you irresistible if you play a little hard to get.   Men are just made that way.  Remember the pictures of cave men dragging their women by the hair?  They caught them and are dragging them back to the cave?  A little dramatic, yes, but get the picture?  Men love to go after things and catch them!  It’s in their DNA.

3. Let him give to you first.  Your man wants to make you happy.  Really.  One of the ways that he wants to make you happy is to give to you.  If you let him give to you first and graciously receive whatever he gives to you, he will feel like your hero and want to give to you more and more often!  Women who give first tend to give TOO much and TOO often!  It may be too much time, too much energy, too much money, too much affection, too much attention.  And then they are worn out and overwhelmed and resentful. Sound familiar?  Your husband may get complacent if you keep giving to him first.  Dr. Phil says you teach people how to treat you.

Owning your femininity, letting him pursue you and letting him give to you first are 3 secret weapons to almost effortlessly get your husband’s attention, get him to be more romantic and get what you want…sizzle, affection and being treated like you are special!

“Live your light! Dance in the radiance of who you are!”  Emily Webber

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Known for blending her gracious and gentle style of teaching with her intuition and knowledge of relationships, romance and the energy of romance Emily Webber creates simple and fun ways for you to have the romance and passion you so deeply crave. She is the creator of The Romance Principles™, an author, Relationship Coach and a Master Law of Attraction Coach and the new host of "The Married With Romance™ Radio Show" on Please visit her website at